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Welcome to Help Center

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There’s a lot our customers can achieve with Siteupp, but here’s a quick rundown of the most important things to know when you’re just getting started.

In order to create a site with Siteupp, you need to login to your Siteupp account or if you are new, you need to create a new account. Login to your dashboard and you’re ready to start.

Use Templates

Just select a template or you can build your site from scratch. If you want to use a template, simply select a template and click edit. Now, remember any template can be used for any business by simply just changing the images and texts. It’s that simple.

To create a site from scratch just click create new site on the dashboard. Now you are on the website editor. Now simply drag blocks onto the canvas to build your website.

Customize Your Site

Now just make your changes, like changing images and text. If you want to add a store to sell products, drag on a eCommerce block and you’re ready to go.

Create Popups

You can create attractive pop-ups for your site with just some simple clicks. Go to your dashboard and navigate through the “Popups” and select a design of your liking.

Add New Page

Add multiple pages as you like from your dashboard.

Embed Map

Embed map to your site by going to “Components” tab from your dashboard. Then drag the widget onto the page you want to add the map to.

Various Blocks

You can find a number of various different type of block in your dashboard. Navigate to “Blocks” and pick one from the following as your requirements.

  1. Blog
  2. Call to action
  3. Contact
  4. Content
  5. Countdown Timers
  6. Dividers
  7. eCommerce
  8. Embed
  9. Empty Block
  10. Features
  11. Footers
  12. Gallery
  13. Headers
  14. Maps
  15. Navigation Bars
  16. Pricings
  17. Processes
  18. Signup
  19. Slideshows
  20. Subscribe
  21. Team
  22. Testimonials
  23. Titles
  24. . . . and many others!

Connect Your Domain And Publish Your Website

Once you’re finished making your changes just simply publish your website to the internet. You can use a subdomain of Siteupp or connect your own domain and you’re done! Your website is online for visitors to see.

Forgot Your Password?

Don’t worry, just go to the log in page abdand click on the “Lost Your Password?” link. It will take you to a page where it will require you to enter email id. Once you’re done, click on “Submit” button. After a while you’ll receive a mail with a new password.

Check Your Sites

Have more than one website? You can see a list of all of them on the “Sites” tab on top of your dashboard.

View and Upload Media Files

You can add media files to your site by going to the “Images” tab on top of your dashboard.


You can also integrate third-party services like MailChimp, AWeber, Infusion Soft etc to your site. Head over to the “Integrations” tab on top of your dashboard.

Update Your Account Details

You can also change your account information any time you want.

Automatic Website Builder

You can also use the Automatic Website Builder function found in your dashboard. Just put all the details of your website, sit back and leave the website building to us.

Find A Great Domain Name

You can get a domain name from Siteupp. Click on “Domain” link on the left of your dashboard and get to know more!


Upgrade to get more premium features to develop your website.