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How to Make $10k Per Month Selling Websites to Local Businesses! | Siteupp- Easy Website Builder

How to Make $10k Per Month Selling Websites to Local Businesses!


Looking to earn some extra income from home or build a web design agency with little to no work. We have the perfect system to help you build a web design empire. Many new businesses open each day. And the best part about it is many businesses these days realize they need a website to really get any traction against competition. This makes selling websites a profitable business. With selling websites you can make big profits for selling websites outright to a customer or even make recurring income by charging them monthly for website/hosting fees. This works out great for both parties. You get recurring income each month and the customer gets an affordable website without spending thousands to setup. We will walk you through how to sell websites and make recurring income from month to month. Once you have a few big clients paying $1000 for a complete site or $50-100 per month, you will see its very easy to make thousands a month selling websites.


Our system is perfect for beginners or advanced users. You can simply drag and drop content blocks into place to create the perfect website for your customer. We have header blocks, content blocks, sliders, eCommerce blocks, footers, and more. For the advanced builders we have it were you can edit the code in the blocks and make your own advanced changes, you can easily save your work and favorite blocks, to make sites even faster in the future. We have it all here at Siteupp. And we also have a friendly USA based support team if you ever get stuck in the process.



Pick a niche

First thing you want to do is pick a niche. There are tons of profitable website niches. the best part about this is you will never be out of potential customers. If you find a niche that’s saturated you can simply move to a new niche or another city. The list of businesses to sell to never ends. A good start would be making a list of all your potential candidates. Doctors, lawyers, plumbers, electricians, salons, barbers shops, all pay good money for a nice website. and the best part about it is you can setup one website and sell that over and over to other businesses by simply changing a few images and text and your ready for the next customer. You literally cannot run out of customers with this system. You can start with a simple salon website, then you can sell it to a few different salons in the town, and then just move on to the next town. This gives you endless possibilities.

Setup the demo

Setting up your demo sites with Siteupp.com is easy. We have tons of built in templates you can use, or you can create your own in minutes. If you use one of our many themes, all you have to do is change a few pictures and some text, and your demo is ready to go. After you have selected and setup your demo. You can publish it on a sub-domain (example: salondemo.mysiteupp.com) and then you have a link to provide to your potential client. You can show them a basic demo and let them know you can customize it to there liking, or you can prepare the site for them before you show them. By adding all of there info and pictures, that way they see a site already setup for them and live online. It can make closing the deal that much easier. Also you can let customers know that they can make any changes they want easily or you can do it for them. You can charge them for any features and upgrades. Most businesses like basic sites with there branding and contact info which can be a quick and easy sale. You can also set them up with a custom domain name or connect an existing domain name if they have one.



This is the fun part. After your demo is setup, now its time to get the clients. We will review a few different methods for gaining more customers.

1. Email – Email is of course one of the easiest ways to get more customers. There are many sites that sell lists of new businesses opening locally. You can also purchase email lists sites like infodirect and directmail.com which provides quality lists for reasonable prices. You can also use some scrapers online to get lists from sites like Yellowpages or other local business directory’s, you just have to think outside the box.

2. Cold calling- While cold calling my not be some peoples favorite thing to do, cold calling works. Or else it wouldn’t be so popular. Cold calling works because it puts you in direct communication with your potential customer. After that its just having what they need. A shiny new website for there business if they don’t have one can be an easy sale. If your not good at cold calling its best to hire someone to make the calls for you, Either way cold calling is definitely and will always be a good way to reach potential customers.

3. Rank and rent- This is also a very powerful way to get new customers. You can rank the demo site on local search terms which will get customers attention, or else rank the site using SEO and then call up potential customers and rent them the website or space on the site. Both methods work and are very profitable. A lawyer that makes 5k-10k per client wouldn’t blink at paying 1k a month for a website that brings them even only 5-10 new customers a month. That’s on the very low end.

4. Social media- Reaching out to businesses on social media can be cheap and effective. Many businesses have Twitter and Facebook pages. You can simply look for businesses without a website link in there profile and then offer them your website demo. Its mostly a numbers game, but once again, just 1 new client a day is all recurring income or a single big one time payment. Every client is different, some will opt to pay off the website in full or others will appreciate a monthly fee. Either way you have money coming in and testimonials and referrals that will get you even more customers in the future.

Finalize the sale

If your client is interested then congratulations! Now send them a bill and move on to your next client. Soon your closing rate will increase with the more referrals and testimonials and you will have more business than you can handle. You will soon need to hire people to help you with the work.


As far as payment you can use many different methods. You can create and send your customer a PayPal subscription link and each month the payment will be automatically sent to you. And if they ever stop paying you can just simply take back the site. There are other companies that offer subscription payment services. Stripe is popular. Quickbooks, 2Checkout, Zoho, Square, Chargify, and more.

To summarize:

1. Pick a niche
2. Build the website demo
3. Contact local businesses
4. Close the sale
5. Collect payment


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