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What’s Really The Easiest Website Builder Online? | Siteupp- Easy Website Builder

What’s Really The Easiest Website Builder Online?

What’s Really The Easiest Website Builder Online?

Many new businesses open each day worldwide. And like most business owners, the next thing they do is prepare to launch their website. But for many business owners this seems to be the part they have the biggest trouble with. Many website designers can charge thousands of dollars to build you a website, and even that can take weeks if not months. This is why many business owners try to build their website themselves. This is where website building software comes in. We will discuss the different options a business owner has when trying to build their own website.

Wix. First and foremost you have Wix, Wix has been around a long time and has millions of users worldwide.Wix also has a few options for website builders to launch their websites. Wix is free to start and has low monthly prices starting from only $5 to launch a website online. So what about ease of use? As far as ease of use Wix has changed many of there systems over the years. Which this changing of systems I think Wix has lost a little direction. What started out as an easy to use system has turned into a trainwreck. Lines, pop-ups, and options everywhere basically making a user interface that at this point would scare away anyone not knowing anything about building a website. Even advanced users get confused behind all the different things onscreen in a WIx dashboard. I’ll pass.

Godaddy. Godaddy website builder is a new system that’s only been around a few years. I think the best thing about godaddy is the integration it has with your domain name. There is still a bit of a learning curve. And the themes are simple to basic at most. Although it’s still one of the easier website builders online.

Siteupp. Siteupp has been around for a few years and prides itself on being one of the easiest website builders online. The dashboard and user interface is straightforward and easy to understand. The website builder uses an easy drag and drop block system, to add and remove content blocks as you see fit. And it’s pretty easy to edit and publish your website to the internet in virtually minutes. They also have a better customer support system than many website builders online.

Weebly. Weebly is another big player in web design space. Weebly has pretty easy to use interface. And tons of nice looking templates. Once again support is not the best. And many of the best functions come only after you upgrade. But Weebly is still a strong competitor in the website builder space.

What is your favorite easy website builder?