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Why Use Social Media Marketing

Why Use Social Media Marketing

If you’ve been in the advertising industry, or marketing your own business for any length of time, it’s clear to see.  Things are changing more rapidly than ever before.  Remember the days before Facebook? YouTube?  Twitter?  It wasn’t that long ago, but somehow it seems like ages.  As this social media phenomenon continues to permeate into the fabric of our society it’s critical for advertisers and marketers to recognize how it has radically transformed the way the world interacts with each other.

Because of social media and the Internet, we now live in an era of transparency & open dialogue.  Honest relationships between businesses & clients are being formed. The success of a company may just have less to do with the size of an advertising budget, but instead on the quality of relationships with customers. Brands are now developed through interaction rather than intended image, and advertisers are learning how to capitalize on this to add to their bottom line.

Why use social media marketing?

Social media has successfully allowed advertisers to bypass middle men and connect them directly to the consumer. This new world of open communication has changed traditional marketing at its very core as the Marketing Mix we’ve always known – the 4 P’s – Product, Price, Promotion and Place have now become the 5 P’s, with “People” joining this newly evolved marketing mix.

Decades ago, when television ushered in a new era of advertising, businesses adapted and reshaped themselves along predictable lines because of the ‘boxed in’ targeting methods advertisers were using. All this changed with the dawn of the Internet, social media, and the rise of mobile devices.  Jim Farley, the CMO of Ford summed it up eloquently when he said “We want to take that stupid little box we were forced into as advertisers, blow it up, and change the way we interact with the customer, and we want it to be around the experience.”

Consumers are now in charge of what they want to have advertised to them. They play multiple, sometimes simultaneous roles as receivers, creators, critics, advocates, transformers and transmitters of messages.

Social Media started out as a fad but it has caught on like wild fire and has gripped society as a game-changing force that is reshaping advertising at its very core.  Think about it.  Newspaper advertising is dying a slow & painful death, radio and TV have their place, but more and more people are watching video content online, or skipping commercials with their DVR’s, while satellite radio, iTunes & other sources for digital music are diluting the effectiveness of local radio.

The emergence of social media is making advertisers think twice about how to market their products and services. The incredible opportunity now exists to build a 2-way communication channel with your customers that they choose to be a part of.  Social media is tearing down traditional walls and building new blocks for reaching consumers faster, more intelligently, and with greater results.

It’s no longer a question of IF you should be marketing with social media, but HOW to use social media marketing most effectively.