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Social Media Branding

Social Media Branding

Social media networks have taken the web by storm and today social media branding is a very important part of marketing for businesses of all sizes and even individuals. We live in a world where people are terribly busy and the only way you can be successful and ensure that people remember you and what you do is by aggressive branding.

What exactly is social media branding? This as the name suggests is using social media networks to brand the image of products or even individuals.

It is powerful and it works. However there are a number social media branding mistakes that most make. What you need to do to be successful is to avoid these mistakes whatever you do.

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The wrong pictures and the wrong statements: 
The way you build up your brand in the eyes and minds of your target market is through the statements you make. The picture you use in your profile should also be very carefully selected. Just one inappropriate statement can destroy months of work you will have put in building and promoting your brand and brand image. It is advisable that before you launch your business, you think through what kind of image you want. And then try and work out what kind of remarks and stuff your prospects should identify you with. It makes a great difference when you take the time to think everything through. The picture you use on your profile is what people will burn into their minds to remember you by. Choosing an illustration that is not consistent with what you want to be to people will mean that you end up portraying the wrong image for your brand which means that it will not work for you.

Avoid being inconsistent:
Once you have decided on who you want to be as a brand you will need to be careful to be very consistent. A common mistake many people make is to make posts and status updates according to what mood they are in. And so at the end of the day they end up confusing their audience who have no idea what to make of them. Only consistency will give you successful branding so that you are able to achieve whatever it is you want to do online.

You must understand your customers and target market
Yet another common social media branding error many online entrepreneurs make is to fail to understand their audiences. How will it be possible for you to communicate anything effective without fully understanding those whom the message is targeted at? This also applies to the particular social media network that you are using. For example your Facebook and LinkedIn audiences are completely different. The latter is professional contacts while Facebook will be friends relatives and colleagues. There is no way that your social media branding is going to work without you intimately understanding exactly who you are talking to.

It is not all about you
Social media branding, whether personal or corporate never really take off online because they fail to realize that it is not just about them. It is about your audience getting the feeling that you care. This can only happen if you participate in their lives. In social media that means commenting on their status or re-tweeting interesting stuff you come across. In Facebook it may call for you to re-share the status of your friends. While doing this you will need to be careful not to lose sight of who you are. You must remain consistent even as you get deeper involved with others and what they are going through. A caring brand gets noticed much more quickly which makes it stand out and achieve its’ objectives much faster.

It is about building relationships
If you use social media regularly you will know how annoying those guys who are always advertising are. Chances are that you will usually sigh in disapproval every time you come across these guys who litter social media space with a sales pitch every small opportunity they get. That is exactly how others will react to your brand. The way to reach people is to build relationships and the way to do that is to discuss common problems. Of course it will help if these problems you discuss can be partly or wholly solved by your brand. But you will need to start by building trust amongst your friends in social media that you are knowledgeable and an expert of sorts.

Make the effort to do your social media branding effectively because it is a very powerful thing that is bound to carry you far.