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How To Increase Blog Traffic

How To Increase Blog Traffic

Blog traffic is something we all wish would be there as soon as we set up a blog and watch the steady increase of readers coming in to read it. That’s definitely not the case! People need to start building their blog traffic and get readers to your blog. Just by setting up your blog, doesn’t mean the readers are there.

There are several things people need to do to generate blog traffic and here I am going to show you ways to get more hits to your blog.

1. Create good content. With good quality content on your blog chances are you will keep people coming back to read more. Also If your writing is that good they might even share that with friends creating new readership.

2. Commenting on blogs. Surf the Internet and find other great blogs around the same topic that your blog is about. By simply doing this you will get hits from your comment as your name is a link back to your blog. Commenting on blogs is a sure way to increase blog traffic and link popularity.

3. Use pictures and images. People like to see things with their own eye. Have pictures and photos on your blog. Make it eye appealing and if your referring to statistics on something or someone show a picture. Everyone loves looking at pictures. Sometimes words are not enough people want to see for themselves. A good example of this is on one of my blogs where I show people step by step how to divide water lilies with pictures you can see by clicking on the link.

4. Ping your blog. The search engines need to know when you update your blog. Use Pingomatic to let them know you updated it. Updating your blog regularly increases blog traffic and page rank.

5. Join traffic exchange programs. A good way to increase traffic is BlogExplosionbut beware if your a member of Adsense and have Adsense Ads on your blog it may violate TOS. I don’t use traffic exchange programs myself but they do work. Just be careful with programs you join and check with Adsense rules to make sure you comply with TOS.

6. Submit Blog to directories. This is something people should definitely do, helps gain more link popularity with one way links or reciprocal linking and gets you blog traffic.

Just by using these simple blogging tips will get you more traffic to your blog. People need to continue doing the things to increase traffic and keep building upon that to get even more readers to your blog. Hope these blog traffic tips bring you more traffic to your blog. Continue blogging and you will see the difference in traffic.