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Google Changes Algorithm to Favor Higher Quality Search Results

Google Changes Algorithm to Favor Higher Quality Search Results

Business Insider announced today that Google has made a major change in the way they rank websites.  They have changed their algorithm so that sites that offer valuable information and originality will rank higher than those that are low quality or copy content from other sites.  Business Week suggests that Google has done this is an effort to adjust the ranking of content farms.

A content farm such as Demand Media, which is mentioned in the article, is a site that might:

  • Buy the most expensive keywords
  • Hire a person to create content that fits with the keywords
  • Select the best domain name for that content and uses advanced SEO techniques
  • Sell Google ads next to the content
  • Do this on a massive scale

With the old algorithm, a content farmer could trick out the search engines, get top-level search engine page results and make money by selling ads.  With the new algorithm, it will be harder to pretend that a site is written in a thoughtful way by a person who has original input or who may be very knowledgeable about the subject they are writing about.

This is also good news for the searcher.  It could mean that when you go to Google to search you might be able to find information that gives a more realistic or answer from a real person or company.

The change to the algorithm is also good news for bloggers and website owners who provide thoughtful, relevant, and original information.  If the strategy of buying expensive keywords does not produce the results a content farmer wants then maybe the cost of those keywords will become more reasonable giving more opportunity to be purchased by pure content providers. I don’t know, it’s just a thought.

You may be reading this and thinking, what in the world does this have to do with me.  Well, if you own a business and have a domain which you want people to find then it means a lot.  A high percentage of people begin their journey toward making a buying decision with a Google search.  So, knowing that Google has changed the algorithm should change how you approach developing content for your site.