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6 Crucial Basics Rules of Article Writing

6 Crucial Basics Rules of Article Writing

When it comes to writing articles, especially those meant for online audience, there are some things you should know. Although “experts” regularly bombard us with endless dos and don’ts, but when we really get down to it, article writing is not rocket science.

There are just a few basics that you need to master in order to write well. The rest are merely extra information, really. Here are 6 basics to article marketing that you need to keep in mind whenever you set out to write.

Choose A Popular Topic: do not write on what is not currently making news or making money in the online community. Online articles are mostly read by people who are looking for information concerning online products or programs. Of course, sometimes the subject revolves around some successful internet personalities and strategies. But you get the drift; the topic must have a bearing on things people are currently discussing.

Write On a Topic You Know: whatever topic you decide to write about must be one you fully understand and can teach others. Does this sound like a given? Maybe. But that is precisely why many writers take it for granted. Some feel they can comment and write on any and all topics. Most end up stretching themselves too far in an attempt to discuss a subject they do not really understand. You write better when you are writing on what you know. So stick to topics you both know and are passionate about. It will reflect in your writing.

Create an Attractive Title: your title should be capable of drawing the attention of a potential reader. But it should not be deceptive or misleading. Your title should aptly describe the purpose of the article so that the reader knows what to expect. More importantly, endeavor to fulfill the promise made in your title.

Break the Article into Smaller Paragraphs: this makes for easy reading. It is especially advisable to keep online articles short and clear. But this should not be done arbitrarily; there should be a clear connection between one paragraph and the next. There are two ways to achieve this coherence, (1) organize your ideas sequentially rather than haphazardly, (2) make use of transitional adverbs and adverbial phrases such as “therefore” “for that reason” “consequently.” You should also break paragraphs up where possible with subheadings, bullets points, numbered lists, etc.

Proofread Very Well: This point may also sound like a given, but in the rush to get their articles published, many writers overlook it. Failure to proofread could ruin an otherwise rich piece of writing. You must check for spelling and grammatical errors, and do this even when you do not think there are any errors. Better to err on the side of caution! Make sure the article reads smooth and makes sense to you before submitting it for others to read.

Make Good Use of Keywords: every article meant for online publishing must be optimized for search engines. This requires paying attention to how keywords are used in the article. It helps the article in search engine ranking. You should know which keywords to use in the article and how to properly use them. But beware of over stuffing your article with too many keywords. You could do a little research on keyword usage or Search Engine Optimization.

If you internalize these six simple basics, you can write excellent articles. And by keeping these points in mind and applying them to the articles you write, you will soon observe an improvement in your articles and the leads they generate over time.