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3 Awesome Google Adwords Secrets

3 Awesome Google Adwords Secrets

What You Need To Know About Google Adwords?
Google adwords can be a frustrating system where you can end up spending too much money and not
turning a profit. But it can also be a fantastic system.

So I am going to show you some Google Adwords secrets that will make it easier to navigate
around and make sure you turn a profit! Because that’s the whole point really isn’t it! It really
isn’t fun enough to do it without making any money from it!

TIP #1: Is to only bid on exact match keywords. There are a few different keyword matching options available on Google adwords, and you want to make sure that you bid only on exact match.
This means that when someone puts in only the EXACT keyword, your ad will appear. It does
take extra time to create an ad group for each of your keyword phrases, but it is definitely worth it.

It weeds out any unnecessary traffic, and means that you can properly judge how successful
your keywords are. If you do not know your exact match keywords then there is no way that you can
assess which keyword(s) phrases are resulting in sales on the site, and you won’t know how to
change and develop your revenue.

TIP #2: Is to bid to be in the position of number own or number three. The first search page of Google is going to reach the most people. And ideally you want your ad to be in the top three spots. It is not necessary to be in the number one spot. You don’t get any more viewing than position two or three, you are no more visible, and it costs a lot more money. So why bother? You can
pay a lot less for spot three and have all the same benefits.

If you are in the top three spots in the Google search results page you will guarantee a higher
click-though rate and this is good because you are getting rewarded by Google adwords by
getting charged less the higher your click through rate is.

The final awesome Google adwords secret is to negatively qualify your ads. That might sound
complicated but it’s really not.
The problem you will find with having an ad that has a high click through rate is just that, it gets a lot of clicks. If this high volume of traffic isn’t generating a lot of sales, it can be hard to turn a profit. So what do you do?

You make sure you negatively qualify your ads! The key to this is to put key words into your ad
that STOP people from clicking thorough unless they are pre-qualified to create a sale. Don’t
bother doing this if your ads don’t have a high click through rate in the first place, because it will
only further reduce your click through rate. It only applies to highly click through ads.

Now that you are armed with some Google adwords secrets, you can go out and bid on your
keywords and start creating more revenue! Google adwords is an easy system to use once you
know the tricks and the secrets.

If you look through the tips I’ve given to you today, it’s really all about common sense. So take
the time to really understand the program and how to use it!