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How To Get Millions Of Visitors To Your Site From Facebook

How To Get Millions Of Visitors To Your Site From Facebook

How To Get Millions Of Customers From Facebook

This may sound like I’m making it up, because millions of customers or millions of visitors or views from Facebook to your site sounds like too much to be true.

It sounds like I’m pulling your leg, but I’m totally being serious, and I’m not talking about Facebook Ads, you can do this for free!

Yeah that’s right, millions of views to your site from Facebook for free, millions of hits of traffic that you don’t even have to pay for.

Of course, it won’t happen overnight, and it may not reach the million visitor mark for years, but that’s the catchy headline, and I have done it, and I’ll tell you how I did it.

First of all, I want you to read this page, which is called

why is a like important on Facebook?

It will go over a lot of things that I’ve already covered, such as why likes do help you rank a Facebook page in a Google search, and a Facebook search.

Now I can get you Facebook likes, or I can get you Twitter followers, and these things are just one of the things you will need in order to carry out the plan to get the millions of targeted customers through Facebook.

First thing to understand is that my

Facebook marketing strategy

is based on SEO, and if you don’t know what that means, you might as well not bother at all, unless you’re happy to learn for a year while you’re picking it up.

If you’re interested in getting coaching on how SEO works in the post Panda/Penguin Google algorithm environment, I can help you for the right price, get in touch with me, by clicking on the link at the top of the sidebar, and visiting my main site, or you can email me at rowancasey@bigpond.com.

Ranking Your Facebook Page In The Search Engines

What I’m talking about is ranking a Facebook page on Google through cross linking, back links, and social signals.

Very simple to understand, and quite simple to beat the

Edgerank algorithms

, and rank your page at the top of a very popular search on that site, and Google will love it too.

All you need to do is make a bunch of pages, maybe a dozen of them which all link to each other, or pointing in a cross link pyramid towards the main one.

You link them by using Facebook as the page you want to make a link from, by pressing edit page and then pressing the use Facebook as this page button.

That will put a permanent link on that page to the page you liked, and it is a do follow link when it is within Facebook.

Now, if you can build back links to all of these pages, and fill them up regularly with high quality content, add photos to them, get tons of likes for them, and perhaps do it in combination with a

Facebook Ads campaign

, or even a paid SEO campaign, then you can rank a Facebook page for any phrase you want on Google.

I’m not just kidding around, I’m almost on the first page for the search social media marketing services, which is a huge search, with huge competition.

I was going to add the link to the page here, but the username is Facebook then dot com, and then affordable social media marketing services all one word. I don’t want to link to it directly from this blog post because I already linked to it in another post on this blog.

It’s annoying the hell out me that I’m so close, but if I keep making high quality pages pointing to it in the right way, then it should rank for the phrase.

I have of course got a link to it from the home page of my main site Professional Social Promotion. On this page, I have a link to an Info Barrel article which links to a guest post I did on Site Pro News which then links to the home page of my site, which links to the Facebook page.

Is that complicated enough for you? It’s a terrible battle trying to beat out experts for a very high competition keyword phrase, but while trying to do that, I’m also improving the ranking of all of the other sub pages on my site, which link to my new site, which has the title of

buy Facebook fans


I didn’t want to link out to that one either, I linked to a You Tube video, because of the same reason I mentioned before. What I will say in closing is that your Facebook page is just like a website, but it’s potentially better than a website because it’s free to build, on the largest highest authority site in the world.

Again, get in touch with me through clicking on the photo at the top of the sidebar if you want to learn more about how to get millions of hits to your site from Facebook.