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Different Ways To Promote Your Facebook Page

Different Ways To Promote Your Facebook Page

Everybody seems to have a Facebook page these days, or at least anyone who has any sort of business or public persona of any kind has one.

If you are a musician, you need a Facebook page, if you are a florist, you need a Facebook page, or even if you don’t need it, it’s recommended that you have one.

Why is it so important to have a Facebook page, as opposed to any other sort of website?

The answer is, Facebook is a PR 9 site, and even a page that you make from scratch with not much on it has a good chance of being indexed and ranking well for the phrase in the title.

You actually stand a better chance ranking for almost any keyword phrase with a Facebook page, if you spend as much time building back links to it as you do with a “normal” website.

If you do it properly, and get a lot of cross links happening from other Facebook pages, it’s kind of like making a Wikipedia page, it will rank really well.

My approach to Facebook has always been one of SEO, trying to rank the page in a Google search, and a Facebook search, but part of that is getting a lot of likes happening.

Some people say that it doesn’t matter how many likes you have, it doesn’t affect the ranking of the page on Google or in a Facebook search. They would be wrong, it definitely helps your ranking on Google and in a Facebook search to have more likes, especially if the profiles have a high page rank, because those are do follow high page rank cross links.

The question is, how do you get likes, and high quality, targeted authority likes, and one of the main answers is Facebook Ads, so I will discuss what you should do if you want to use Facebook Ads to get things happening.

Using Facebook Ads To Get Likes

The first thing you should figure out is what is your purpose of getting likes to the page, and who do you want your audience to be?

For the vast majority of people, you won’t make an immediate profit on a Facebook Ads campaign.
All you will do is perhaps capture leads, people like the page and you can contact them directly, or just post on the wall and hope they see it in their dashboards.

If you want cheap likes, you can target countries like Malta and Brazil, but remember that many of those people don’t speak English, so you’re just getting likes for the sake of it, but they might be a lot cheaper and so boost the numbers on the page which is good for SEO and social proof.

My feeling on that is yes you need numbers to look like an established business, and you also need numbers to help with the ranking of the page on Google, and perhaps in a Facebook search but what you want at the end of the day is quality, targeted likes.

For the settings on my latest campaign, I chose people in America, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Ireland and the UK, and I also targeted those between 23 and 29 who had said they were a small business owner.

I managed to get clicks for about thirty five cents each, less in the sponsored stories, and the likes were a bit more expensive, a bit less than a dollar.
I may decide to run another campaign to focus on getting cheap likes from other countries at the same time, to see if there are opportunities out there in France or Germany, because a lot of those guys speak English too.

Anyway, there really isn’t any better way to promote your Facebook page than through Facebook itself, but if you can’t afford Facebook Ads, you might try:

  • putting the link to your Facebook page in a sidebar widget on your blog
  • making links to it in your blog posts
  • tweeting about it
  • running a competition
  • making a You Tube video with the link in the description
  • attaching it to your outgoing emails as a signature
  • adding it to your forum signature, if you have a relevant forum to post in.
  • joining groups on Facebook, Linked In, and Google Plus and sharing it.

Hope these tips helped you come up with some great ideas for promoting your Facebook page. Remember, a Facebook page has almost endless potential in terms of traffic and rankings, if you put the time and money into making it work.