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An Easier Way To Bring In Customers With Facebook Marketing

An Easier Way To Bring In Customers With Facebook Marketing

Social media is a major player in the world of Internet marketing. Although search engine optimization is still a major player in the industry, social media is a revolutionary tool that made targeting the right audience easier because it is more personalized. You will be able to get responses from potential customers faster using social media. Presently, Facebook is probably the biggest and most popular social media site. It is safe to say that this is the most powerful marketing tool anyone can use.


Aside from the fact that it is highly effective, facebook marketing is more affordable than traditional means like advertising through Adwords. Case in point: someone searching for a product is more likely to buy from a Facebook advertisement over a webpage they saw on search engines.

People use Facebook for a lot of reasons. What started out as a means to connect people socially has become a very effective tool for marketing. With Facebook, you are actually targeting people who have the most chances of taking action. These people may not buy from you right away, but they will eventually make a purchase, and you don’t have to wait very long. Also, as mentioned earlier, the cost of facebook advertising is cheaper by as much as ten times the amount you’d pay for Adwords advertising.

You also don’t have to be too concerned with keywords when dealing with Facebook. With Facebook, you are targeting the people. You aren’t just trying to create a business-and-customer relationship; you are actually making friends. You can appeal to a person’s interest with Facebook. People are more likely to be interested in your product if it is something related to what they are interested in. Just think about this: someone who’s looking for, say, anti-virus software, is more likely to try one that is ‘recommended’ by a Facebook friend over something that they see on a search engine results page. Do you want to know why? Social media helps create a higher level of trust between people. You are, technically, friends with your potential customers.

Friends will notice your ad on their walls. You can even ask them to like your business page. Chances are, they will ‘like’ your page. This will make it easier for you to interact with them when they have ‘liked’ you. You can keep your potential customers interested through constant interaction. Potential customers will become open to the idea of buying from you if they are interested in what you have to offer.

You will benefit a lot from using facebook for business. Client generation becomes easier. But would this mean SEO and Adwords are no longer of use? No, they’re not. SEO still remains a major force in Internet marketing. Social media just happens to be a more personalized and cheaper alternative for it.