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9 Facebook Marketing Tips So Good, You Will Have an Unfair Advantage Over Your Competition

9 Facebook Marketing Tips So Good, You Will Have an Unfair Advantage Over Your Competition

Today I checked and Facebook is the 2nd largest website behind google. Over 500 millions users are on facebook and 50 million updates are made everyday.

That is a ton of people we can tap into and use Attraction Marketing to get leads for our businesses. Getting people to come to us, is how we are going to use facebook.

Your not going to blast your opportunity or service all over facebook. Instead your going to be there to help others.

Here are 9 little secrets that will help you get the maximum results from facebook.

1. Your facebook profile

Start off with a nice picture of yourself. Others want to feel comfortable with you, and a picture always shows trust and compassion. Add in your past information such as the schools you attended. This will help others to find you when they use the search option. Put in your other website urls, such as twitter, linked in, and your blog. People can then click on your links and get to know you more.

2. Add in some friends

Once you have your profile setup you need to start adding in friends. The friends are not just going to show up. You have to go out and seek down other like minded individuals. Try and add in 10 new friends over the course of the day. Just be careful you don’t over due it. Facebook will lock out your account for excessive friend request.

3. Use the like and comment to interact with your fiends

You will start to see your friends information show up on your wall. Like and comment on as much stuff as you can. These likes will then show up on the wall of your friends. This information goes viral very quickly. Be sure to give quality content with your comments. Don’t just blast your opportunity link. If you show others you are there to help them they will be more open to take a look at what you have to offer.

4. Upload photos of yourself

People love to know more about what it is your doing. Show some fun photos of events you have attended. Upload all the pictures you got with the top leaders from these events.

5. Upload videos

If you are creating videos and uploading them youtube, add these to your facebook profile. Use video marketing to help promote yourself to your friends. Make videos of high value and then upload them. Your friends will then get to know more about what you have to offer. Its all about branding yourself and attracting others to your facebook profile. The more people looking at you, the more you can promote your other offers.

6. Facebook groups

Groups are a great way to position yourself as the leader who is providing valuable content. Do a search for your target market and then start posting on the group wall. This is a great place to promote your videos, or other content you create.

7. Create a public event

You can setup an event that will be visible to all facebook members. You can then send out an email to all your group members inviting them to your events. A good event could be a training webinar your about to put on.

8. Post to your wall

The front of your profile is your wall, and this is the best place to post all your valueable content. I like to post my blog links and youtube videos. Also I will add in some daily success tips to all my friends.

9. Notes

If you have a blog that you update on a regular basis, its a good idea to post that information on your facebook notes in your profile.

Use these 9 secrets to increase the traffic you get back to your blog.