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6 Quick Tips to Avoid Google Penguin Penalty

6 Quick Tips to Avoid Google Penguin Penalty

How to Escape from Google Penguin Penalty?
Since the birth of Google Penguin every blogger seems to have some doubt about the perfect structure and format of post which will escape Google Penguin Penalty as well as boost ranking and traffic. There are few Plugins who does the work by scanning your post (before publishing by saving post as a draft) and rating according to penguin approach but why to use plugins when you can do it on your own by following only few steps. Also installing more plugins will ultimately lower down your loading time and also these plugins will cost you some bucks.

1. Keyword Density

Keyword density as it name says the percentage of the targeted keyword in your blog post. The standard percentage of keyword density 3% to 5%, i.e. must not be lower than 3% and must not be higher than 5%.

2. Keyword Placement

Keyword should be stuffed very carefully (don’t overstuff, keep point 1 in mind). There are few places where every SEO suggest to place your keyword for better ranking,

One Keyword should be place in the First Line
One keyword should be place at the climax or conclusion

3. Heading Tags

A perfect web page must have only one H1 tag and few H2 tags.


H1 tag – Only 1, preferably your post Title.
H2 tag – 2 to 5, use it for Subheadings or Subtitles
H3 tag – Upto 10, Use it with all the main points in your post
H4 to H6 – should be used in sidebar and footer widgets.
Use keywords in between H1, H2, H3 tags without “stuffing the keywords”

4. Image Alt tag with Your Keyword

Decorating post with images is the best way to grab readers attention. Image Optimization is an effective way to increase your ranking as well as boosting traffic.

Always use your main keyword as your post image alt tag.

5. Inter and External Links

Both Inter links and External links have equal importance while writing a blog post. A Pillar Post contains perfect number of inter-links and external links.

It’s not very easy to remember the topic on which you have written post to be used for interlinking, instead of doing it hard way you can use SEO ALRP plugin which automatically make interlinks.

Note: Assigning Nofollow or Dofollow Attribute to every External Link is not recommended, always use dofollow attribute with Authority sites like Wikipedia, IMDB etc.

6. Text Formatting:

Search engine also read your post like human (but not the hidden part), so the best practice it to keep your font size between 10pt to 12pt, depends on the Font Type.

Bold- Atleast Bold One Keyword
Italicize – Atleast Italicize One Keyword
Underline – Atleast Underline One Keyword
So these were the 6 Quick Tips to Escape or Recover from Google Penguin Penttaly.