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Twitter Tutorial: Tips for Getting Started

Twitter Tutorial: Tips for Getting Started

Twitter tutorial assistance is offered through many different websites. These tutorial sessions can help you learn how get started quickly and to use this powerful social media site effectively, to promote yourself and your business.

Official Twitter Site

As you might expect, there is an official tutorial on the Twitter website. This guided tour gives you a look at the main features of the service and is probably the easiest way for you to learn what it can do. If the tutorial itself doesn’t answer your questions, you can take advantage of Twitter’s extensive help department to fill in the gaps.

Personal Websites

There are many “unofficial” experts out there who have some great ideas for using Twitter.

In most cases, a Twitter tutorial on one of these experts’ sites is reliable and thorough, and you’ll find some unique perspectives on each individual site. Browsing multiple tutorials of this kind will help you quickly learn the basics as well as some good ideas for marketing and attention-getting.

Here is one of the best Twitter courses for writers:

Learn more about Shelley Hitz and Twitter 101 for Authors.


The popular video sharing site, YouTube, can also be a great place to learn about Twitter. If you are unfamiliar with how to best use Twitter, you should look at some tutorials on YouTube. A simple keyword search will immediately turn up a number of high quality videos. A Twitter tutorial on YouTube has the advantage of being free, so this is a good place to start. In addition, with most videos you can actually watch someone taking the actions as they tell you what to do. For beginning Internet users or those unfamiliar with the basics of Twitter, this makes it much easier to get the hang of it.

There are several other places that teach Twitter users how to promote yourself and your business online. Some websites include courses specifically designed for self-promoters, while others are more geared toward those who just want to share information with friends.

Paid Services

Many paid social media marketing services, such as Hootsuite, offer their own tutorials to help users get used to using Twitter. These courses are directly connected to the service offering them, so they usually include lots of information about coordinating Twitter campaigns with other social media efforts.

I recommend Hootsuite University training and accreditation because it supports their software product with an ongoing community forum for users. If you would like to know more about Hootsuite Twitter management tool and Hootsuite University training click on the icon below:

Twitter Tutorial – Best Approach

My recommendation is that you first read the training material in Twitter 101 For Authors, visit the official Twitter website and then the Hootsuite website to see how powerful their offering is.