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Should You Only Aim For Google?

Should You Only Aim For Google?

If search engines are the rainbow, then Google is the pot of gold at the end of it. Everybody aims to rank high in Google, more than any other search engine. Why? Due to the fact that Google is the most used search engine around currently, many people figure that is where they will get the most visitors from. However, that doesn’t mean the rest of the search engines are chop suey either. Yahoo and Bing(formally Live Search and MSN search) don’t get anyone using them. So the goal should be getting listed in all the big ones(including Yahoo! and Bing) and little ones(Ask Jeeves, AOL, ect). They all can get you traffic and help you grow your site. So the big picture ought to be getting indexed in as many search engines as possible.

So you may wonder, how can I get listed in all of them? On the world wide web, they have many paid and free “site submitters” as they are fondly called. Which one you use is your own personal choice. However, as they say “don’t put all your eggs in one basket” do not use just one! I recommend using at least 3 of them or hire the service out. Also add it to as many directories as you can(paid and free!), as many search engines crawl directories to find sites to index.

You may want to make sure that your SEO is fine and that your desired keywords are in proper place prior to submitting.

But you may wonder if you need to configure different SEO than the types you used for Google. Don’t fret, many search engines index and rank as Google does. So to be honest all Search Engine Optimization ( SEO ) works for all search engines. People just use Google much more, leading to confuse people into thinking that you need to tailor SEO to work for a certain search engine. Which is 100% false, as all SEO works exactly the same.

If you have no time to do the research, perform the SEO and submit your site, many companies offer this type of service. So you can pay someone or some company to do that type of work for you. Just ask for customer reviews and do a search to see if they are on the up and up.

Whichever path you chose to get indexed, be sure to follow up every so often(it can take a few weeks and months to get indexed in most search engines) and see if you are indexed. Most of all, keep doing proper SEO and stay focused on getting good page rank to have search engine success.