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Keyword Research How Should One Go About It?

Keyword Research How Should One Go About It?

SEO is pretty easy as long as one has the keywords or knows which keywords to use. However, what about when you need to find your keywords? That can be a bit tricky. After all, the internet has been around for a long time and to find some keywords that haven’t been over used or under used is hard. So what should you do? What keyword tool is the best? Keep reading to find out.

Lets first find the topic we need to write about, so here is the example topic I will use for this post is- internet connections.

Now we need to find our keyword search tool. They have many which are either free or paid for, but since most people start websites to make money-they do not have the money for a paid one. So we will use a free ones for this example.

1-So lets get started, first keyword tool we will use with be Google’s AdWords Keyword Tool. This tool is a good option if you want an idea on how it will do on Google and if you want to use AdWords or AdSense on your new site.

Now they give you two options for searching, one can be based the URL you give them or you type in the search term you want your keywords based on. We will use the search process, as we do not have a site about our niche.

So we type of the term “internet connections” to find potential keywords. Now once the results load, you will see a pretty large list of keywords that can be used. They also show you how much advertiser competition their is for them and monthly & global search volumes.

 Now here comes the hard part-picking search terms that are not over used.  They do not list them by the number of search volumes, be sure to go down the list and find at least 5 keywords that you might use. Out of these 5, you will pick one or two to use for your site.

2-Next go to your favorite search engine and type in one of those keywords in the search box. Take a look at a few sites that show up in the first two page results and get a feel if you site will fit in with them. Do the same with the other 4 keywords and take note on all of them.

Repeat this step on a few other search engine and if you are not happy with the results-then go back to step one.

3-Once you got your keywords to use, start doing the SEO with them on your site.

If you do not want to use Google’s tool-here are a few others that you can use.

Wordtracker Keyword Tool

Keyword Discovery

Keyword Spy

HitTail Keyword Tool

Feel free to tell us your favorite keyword research tools to use in the comments.