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How To Increase Web Traffic

How To Increase Web Traffic

This article explained the four simple ways How to increase web traffic.

” How to Generate Free Traffic – Four Simple Steps

Okay, I’m going to share with you four very simple and very effective steps that with help you generate free traffic to you site immediately using article and video marketing strategies. I use these simple steps every day to generate free traffic to my sites. I strongly encourage you to go through these steps everyday, all though you can scale this down to once a week however you’ll get less results from your efforts. So, let’s get going…

How To Generate Free Traffic, Step One

In step one, you are going to be creating a unique piece of content that you’re going to post on you blog… although you can post it on you site, article directory or on sites like Squidoo and Hubpages. However I highly recommend that you post it to your WordPress blog, the reason I say this is because WordPress is very optimized for the search engines so you’re more likely to get better rankings. You don’t have to create the greatest piece of Article or Video, the only thing that it has to be is genuine and useful. Whatever strategy you use to generate free traffic, you’re not going to be able to predict where you traffic is coming from. Many gurus out there try to teach you how to tackle the big boys. You will be better of writing of writing many different articles than trying to write the greatest article. Videos will also work as good, whatever you choose just make you create something that is unique and contains valuable info in you own niche.

How To Generate Free Traffic, Step Two

Now, in this step you’re going to make a video and a short article which announces the content that you just created. Also syndicate it to as many social bookmarking sites you can. I usually promote my content with a video because it’s very easy to do, takes about 1 minute, and it also get ranked by the search engines pretty fast therefore it gets traffic. It’s very simple, all you do is create a short video of yourself telling them how awesome and cool your new content is and tell them to visit your site, tell them exactly what they have to do. After I create my videos I use a very awesome program to submit my video to 100’s of video site with just one click, it’s called Traffic Geyser. I don’t know if you have heard of it before but it’s very simple and easy to use, it is the best service for syndicating videos.

How To Generate Free Traffic, Step Three

Step three, you create a short and original article and then you send it to all the article directories, because it will take a very long time to manually submit to each directory, I use a very cool software that takes care of the process. I think that articles are the best thing to do because it stays there literally forever, therefore sending me traffic for the next 100 years or so.

How To Generate Free Traffic, Step Four

Repetition, now the most important thing is that you must do this everyday, to get the most out of this strategy you must do it consistently over time. The good thing about this strategy is that even if your original content isn’t the best thing out there, it will still work. So what I want you to do it, work on this for the next 100 days, and then tell me how it goes.