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How To Do Proper Article Marketing

How To Do Proper Article Marketing

Article marketing is a commonly used way to bring attention to a product or service via social media. You write an article, place the keywords in it, do your links and submit it to article directories. Of course you have to have many articles and rewrites done to get it spread out wide enough, but that can be done easily and simply. In fact, many content writers end up writing this type of copy at one point or another during their careers.

Also, many end up doing rewrites of that as well. But the main purpose of article marketing to get the word out there, quickly and effectively. Though a lot of times they end up being botched and are not done properly. So today we will give you a quick over view and lesson on how to do proper article marketing.

First thing first, you should pick out your keywords carefully. Do not use over done or underdone keywords and you should find some success at it. 1-3 is a number of keywords to use for each article.

Next figure out how many articles need to be written and how many times they will need to be rewritten. Also how many words per article your desire?

Once you got all that done, you need to find the sites you want to publish on. 5-10 is a good number of sites, less than that is also fine. However more than that might over do it.

Get a list of where all to social bookmark them and keep that handy for after you bookmark them.

Figure out if you want to do all this yourself or if you need to hire someone to help you. If you choose the latter, make sure you pick someone who is good with English and has the rates you desire. Though it will be better to pay someone more for better articles than less for lackluster articles.

Get them written up and submit them to the article directories and sites that you have listed.Start bookmarking them via social bookmarking sites and also spread the word via your social networks.

Watch as the word gets around and you get more customers/readers. You can see just how well this tedious job works wonders for sites. It may take a lot of time and effort to do this, but the pay off is wonderful for you and your sites.