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DIY Social Media Training for Businesses

DIY Social Media Training for Businesses

DIY Social Media Training for Small Business is important because social media and inbound marketing is changing customer relations forever.

Understanding social media is becoming a key issue for business success.

It is normal to feel challenged by these changes if you are a business owner. The critical issue is how to keep up to date with rapid changes in social media in an efficient manner as well as manage the day to day running of your core business.

Social media has Facebook, Twitter, Google+, just to mention the biggest players, and hundreds of millions of people spend time daily updating their profiles, reading and posting comments, and engaging with others in online conversations using social networks.

Who are these people? The answer is simple: your existing and potential customers. ‘But how do I reach them?’ you may ask. The answer is again simple: your business needs to get involved in the social media and you need to manage this change in the way your business is relating to customers.

The question will quickly arise about social media training… whether to do it yourself or use a contractor?

While you may argue that this is too complex for you, there is a program that can disentangle the jungle of confusion that is social media.

If you are becoming involved in social media it is essential that you review your cyber security. Here is one small business software pack that we recommend:

Bitdefender Small Business Pack

The Ten Reasons

DIY Social Media Training for Small Business is an important management resource and here are the most important ten reasons to show you why you should enrol in this program.

#1 Gaining Access To easy, Step By Step How To Videos

It is hard to understand how social media works out of the blue. What you need is a guide to take you through the maze of setting up profiles, earning likes and followers, posting comments, directing people to your business blog and so on. Through the easy, step by step how to videos offered by DIY Social Media Training for Small Business, you will be able to understand all these. The knowledge about social media is served in bite sizes, so you can digest all that you are taught, without breaking into a sweat.

#2 Increasing Website Traffic

But why is it so important to understand all these rules that govern social media? Whether we like it or not, social media is here to stay and it plays a very important role in how businesses are promoted and marketed. By understanding how social media works, you will end up increasing your website traffic, something that your business can only benefit from.

#3 Maintaining Connections Even When You Are Not There

As a small business owner, you probably know by now how important is to maintain a great relationship with your clients. However, when dealing with even a small number of people, doing so can become a burden, which is why a program like DIY Social Media Training for Small Business can help you manage customer feedback and maintain great communication with your customers, even if you are not always on the phone with them.

#4 Improve Search Engine Results

Here is a little secret. Scoring high in search results is no longer a thing that depends solely on how good you are at optimizing your website or your blog, using keywords and other SEO techniques. Nowadays, if the name of a business is mentioned on social media networks, the chances of that business showing in search results tremendously increases, as the most popular search engine, Google, treats social media as a good source of authority when it comes to evaluating the factors that count for delivering the best search results.

#5 Expand Market Reach

Facebook has over a billion users, and this is only one social network we are talking about. Google+, for instance, already has over 100 million users and growing. With DIY Social Media Training for Small Business, you can tap into an audience that you would have not reached otherwise. This program can teach you how to handle your social media involvement in order to expand your market reach beyond your usual boundaries. An important characteristic of social media is that any message can be quickly disseminated to reach larger groups of people that receive the information from intermediaries, and not directly, and this is something that can be used extensively by small businesses.

#6 Understanding Rapid Social Media Changes

When using DIY Social Media Training for Small Business, you do not have to worry about not being aware of the latest changes operated by social media networks. Each new tutorial will inform you of the rapid changes that happen all the time, so that you do not lag behind the competition. As a small business owner, you will need to be head and shoulders above others, in order to keep your business competitive.

#7 Keeping Up To Date

Social media responds very well to changes, and you should be able to do the same too. Whenever something happens, you have to be up to date in order to keep in touch with what your customers want and how you can introduce something new in your marketing strategy in order to keep them interested. Showing your customers that you are up to date with the latest changes in technology is important.

#8 Learning New Business Strategies

The role of social media is, among other things, to promote new business models and marketing techniques. While it was not originally designed as such, social media has a very important impact on how businesses are run nowadays. DIY Social Media Training for Small Business will teach you how to integrate new business strategies in your routine that will improve your results, as well.

#9 Increasing Your Social Media Presence

Part of being successful is being there, and ‘there’ in this day and age, means social media. If your business is not visible enough on social media networks, you risk lagging behind the competition, despite having better products, better services and better customer support. Through the help offered by DIY Social Media Training for Small Business, you will be able to increase your social media presence and gain more visibility in order to gain more customers.

#10 Improving The Digital Footprint Of Your Business

If you run a small business in real life, you need to have a digital footprint. Through a website, a business blog, a profile on a social media network, you will constantly improve your digital footprint. And this is not all. By adding relevant content through these virtual channels, you get more in touch with your customers and you manage to conduct your business from a remote location, without having to worry about additional costs.


Managing change effectively is the key to being successful in social media. Whether you use an employee, contractor or take the operational task on yourself understanding social media and keeping abreast with the constant changes is more than half the battle. DIY Social Media Training for Small Business is an essential productivity tool – check it out for free! In a year or less you will know it was of your best management decisions.

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