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Can You Make Money Selling Adult Products?

Can You Make Money Selling Adult Products?

With more than 10 Years experience in the Adult Website Content & Affiliate Industry I can help you with a few pointers. Picking a Niche is EXTREMELY important.  TGP’s and General Nudity sites take way more traffic than you will be able to afford to pay for and still profit.  One of my niche sites has pulled in more than 2 Million Visitors and has made me a nice sum of money over the years because it is very unique and targeted. Tips: Pick one or two Affilaite Programs in your Niche (Don’t promote too much), add a well known Adult Toy/DVD Store Affiliate, And Adult Dating Site, and a Movie on Demand Affiliate. Use the free content provided by your affiliates and do NOT show pictures from other sites; you are only asking for trouble. Pay attention to your SEO, you would be suprised at how many niche affiliates have poor SEO on their sites, this is an oportunity for you. Consider the legal ramifications of anything you do. Make sure you comply with all laws that are relevant to your niche.

The Adult Industry (Novelty, Videos, Membership Subscriptions, Dating, etc.) is massive!  In fact the estimated sales worldwide are $100 billion!  To put that in perspective in 2007 Google reported $16.7 billion in total revenues making the Adult Industry 6x more profitable than Google.

FACT: 12.5% of all internet sites are adult related.  Yes that is 1 in 8!

Should You Get Involved in Marketing the Adult Industry?

I can not answer that for you. This really depends on your own personal morality and belief system. Not everything in the Adult World is degrading to the participants, but it could certainly be argued that Pornography in general is degrading to women. Is Adult Dating degrading? How about Adult Novelty items? Only you can decide. The fact is the Industry is in high demand and there are many marketing opportunities.

In the same way that Tobacco, Online Gambling, and Pharmaceuticals are lucrative in their own markets there is RISK associated with the Adult Industry. Pornography is not legal in many jurisdictions; and it’s up to you to know this as you could get in serious trouble.  It’s up to you to PREVENT minors from accessing materials on your site.  Risk/Reward – no free lunch.

What about the Money?

Adult Industry programs can have some very high payouts.  The Adult Dating site I will write about in anther article pays as much as $130 per member sign up.  Adult Novelty companies pay from 20-40% of the sale.  Some companies will pay you 50% of member subsriptions for as long as the person stays a member.  So yes it can be very lucrative.

Because you can’t just walk into the local store and buy many of these products customers are driven to the Internet to find places to buy.  Sounds logical right?  Well that’s the upside, the downside is this:  The internet is flooded with Adult Movies and pictures already.  So competition is very high. Plus there is so much free material available one doesn’t have to go far to find nude pictures and videos.

Customers typically are very leery of giving their Credit Card information to Adult Sites and for good reason.  How does one know if the company is legitimate?  It’s not like there is a Better Business Bureau for pornography.

So it can be pretty tough to get a customer to open the wallet and remove the credit card and actually make a purchase. Conversions can run anywhere from 1 sale in 500 visitors to 1 in 20,000!

You’ll be competing with Millions of Webmasters and Adult Related Sites; after all the stakes are high as someone, somewhere is buying – and you have to find them!  You don’t sell $100 billion to just one guy.  So it’s definitely possible to make money; but it isn’t easy.  It’s actually much easier to sell a Hotel Reservation online than a subscription to an Adult Site.

Ready to Get Started?

Take the time to read through the Articles provided in this section. I can tell you what works and where to get started; the rest is up to you.  How do I know?  Because I have promoted Adult Novelty and Dating sites for years.  While I choose NOT to promote anything Hardcore, I can tell you which programs pay out and have the most traffic because I’ve done my homework.  I use a number of online resources to see who is selling what and how pppular their products and services are.  I am NOT going to share with you every method I use to investigate an opportunity, but I will share with you two very simple methods:

  • Type in the “niche” into Google and see where the company appears in listings, see if other sites are promoting them, and use the Wayback Machine and Alexa to see how long they have been online.
  • Search for Adult Industry Forums and start reading.  One thing you’ll find in the Adult World is that if companies are ripping people off they don’t last long.  Crazy as this may sound, Adult Companies totally rely on affiliates to sell their products, and they don’t want to jeopardize those relationships.  You stand a better chance of getting paid by a legitimate adult companey than a mainstream company.


So good luck to those of you who are smart enough to weed out the Hot Niche opportunities. You must choose the RIGHT Companies and Products to promote. I’m covering that in additional articles. So you’ll know what to promote.