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Article Marketing Success Tips for Newbies

Article Marketing Success Tips for Newbies

One of the important strategies of online marketing is article marketing. Just imagine how it would be if you had your articles written all over the internet and keep reaping the benefits all your life for the efforts you have made now, it is very powerful.

In this article you will get to know some of the basics of article marketing so that it will help you in your online marketing efforts.

Any internet marketer who has been for a while knows very well that writing articles and submitting them to article directories is a must for the success of your online campaigns.

Submitting your articles to online article directories is one of the best ways to get back-links to your site; this will help in improving the popularity of your website. Any webpage which has many back-links helps in attains good position in search engines.

It gives best results if the article directory is having good page rank, also remember that your article should be informative and unique.

It should be remembered that if your article is good there are people who will use your article in their e-zines or website, which in turn provides you the author more back-links and more publicity.

As you start posting your own articles in article directories gradually you start establishing yourself as an expert in your own niche. Reader will have more ears to you and start trusting what you say and follow your recommendation.

Article Marketing Tips – Do’s

So Should You Start Blasting Article Directories?

Having understood the importance of article marketing, you would be tempted to start writing many articles in one day and submit them to article directories but be careful as this may not please Google.

Sudden surge in back-links to your site will be seen by Google as suspicious and Google may start de-indexing your website. It is always good to gradually increase your back-links, which is by submitting to article directories every couple of days.

When you are submitting article it is important to remember that you should not be submitting the same articles that you have on your website, as Google might see this as a duplicate content. Google will consider the site with higher page rank as the originator of article and in this way the page rank of your site will suffer.

Can You Use PLR Articles?

It is also very important that you don’t use PLR article as it is, that is any PLR article you are using has to be rewritten in your own words and then only used in your website or for article directories.

If you use PLR articles as you get them than there is high chance that your article will be rejected by article directories or sometime your account can even be banned by some article directories.

One of the factors that can give good traffic to your article is by using good keywords in your tittle, in your first paragraph and also sprinkling the keywords all over the article yet maintaining the moderate keyword density.

How to have an effective backlink with article marketing?

As you will be submitting article to article directories you will be allowed to have hyperlink to your site. To have efficient article marketing you have to use anchor text that relates to the keyword you are targeting.

Having good quality and unique article with keyword in the anchor text will help you to attain better SERP (search engine result pages) position.

If you are targeting “Android Mobiles” than you make sure that every article you submit to article directories should have the keyword “Android Mobiles” in the hyperlink that links back to your website.

Article Marketing Tips – Don’ts

The article that you write should be readable and useful to the people. You have to ensure that you are not writing article for search engine and focusing on keyword density.

Remember that if you are able to read and enjoy your article than others will also enjoy reading and reach to the end of the article and that is where the link comes back to your site.

In conclusion, article marketing is the most important and critical element of your online marketing. Anybody who wants to be an internet marketer has to become proficient in article marketing and learn to write good quality article in a short time. This will keep bringing traffic for a long time.