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6 Reasons Guest Posting Is Awesome

6 Reasons Guest Posting Is Awesome

If the Internet can be said to run on anything, it’s blogs. Blogs inform, educate, provoke thoughts and emotions, catapult trends and individuals to stratospheric levels of superstardom, and make your voice and thoughts known to literally billions of people at the click of a button. For a while, it was considered that the idea of inviting another writer to contribute to a blog would never work. Here, however, are six reasons why guest posting is the darling of the SEO industry.

1. Building Relationships

Like life itself, everything on the Internet is linked, connected. Having a guest post establishes a connection, not just to a new blog, but a new audience, a new demographic. And once you open that door, the sky is the limit, because those readers will likely frequent other blogs; and if a link to your guest post does the rounds, your own blog can see a massive increase in readership and views. Guest posting builds a bridge, and doing it right will make for a very busy bridge.

2. Guest Posting Is Equivalent To New Content

Coming up with something consistently new to appeal to your readers can be exhausting and stressful. Encouraging and inviting a guest post still keep your blog fresh while you take the time to clear your head and come up with a new perspective. Furthermore, the content of the guest post itself can give you ideas of your own, thereby fueling your writing muse and keeping your blog active and dynamic.

3. Everybody’s Talking

It’s one thing to reach another audience, and it’s one thing to have new content on your blog. A guest blog post worth its salt will get people talking, clicking, sharing links, “Liking” content on Facebook and re-tweeting what they like – and, alternately, even what they don’t like. The idea is to generate discussion, since that is what drives content on the Internet. And if guest posting is what drives that content, then guest posting is not dead.

4. Real Life Results

Every writer dreams of a larger audience, but sometimes, making the right connection via a guest blog post goes even further. Actively seeking guest posting opportunities can not only give you lots of readership, but can also alert a whole new group readers that you have a new book out. Increased viewing stats are nice, but scoring a bestseller because you worked hard at guest posting and getting your name out there is slightly better.

5. Guest Posting Helps You Improve

Constantly staying exposed to other authors and their audiences can force you to up your own game. Everybody has a different writing style and approach; and while you don’t need to mimic another writer’s way of doing things, whatever you can learn from him or her about writing, blogging, or marketing yourself online, will only help you and your own blog. Learning from how the best guest blog posts are written will improve your virtual profile.

6. There Are Always New Guest Writers

The thing about the Internet is that it really is bigger than we can fathom. So, even when you think you’ve exhausted all your possible guest writers and there are no new perspectives or audiences to reach, you’re wrong. There will be someone out there who has exciting, interesting content for your blog and your readers. Carefully managing everyone who wants to dip in to your readership means that your blog will always remain fresh and vibrant.