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5 Things Most SEO Beginners Overlook When Building Links

5 Things Most SEO Beginners Overlook When Building Links

Building long-lasting quality links can be as difficult as building personal relationships. In the beginning mistakes are inevitable, (that’s why there are companies that provide link building services) but the uninitiated or rookie SEO player (that’s Search Engine Optimization…) should not be discouraged by a few mistakes.

Eventually, everyone gets chewed out in a web forum, or publicly condemned by people claiming that there’s no such thing as legitimate “link building,” so if you’ve been blasted for having questions about link building in the past, now is the time to retrieve the tail from between your legs.

Below is a list of 5 details, considerations, and ideas to help ensure that no link building effort is made in vain.

1. Remember the importance of a first impression

In link building, as in other real world relationships, a first impression is a lasting one. In order to guarantee the highest quality natural links, the highest quality content will be necessary. So, hire an editor, they’re inexpensive on freelancing sites and the results can be absolutely priceless.

Attention to grammar, spelling, punctuation, are all ways to enhance a site’s reliability and effectiveness, and to ensure that visitors will not only return to your site, but link to it as an authority on their own site. Remember, links are like friends, they can make you look better or they can make you look worse.

2. Be a reliable source

We all know how hard it can be to tell fact from fiction online. Remember those pictures that went viral during hurricane Sandy? Sharks swimming in the streets and storms poised to gobble up city blocks? Even CNN was duped by internet rumors about citywide blackouts.

It becomes more important every day to ensure that visitors to a website feel that its appearance and feel are trustworthy and reliable. Linking to a bio is one way to ease concerns, but making sure a privacy policy is clearly visible is also a surefire way to win credibility points.

3. Write a press release

As strange as it sounds, a press release sets a reliable backdrop for the existence of a website, especially one providing goods or services. It acts as a point of reference for interested parties, and functions a lot like a privacy policy. Scam artist and phishers don’t generally take an opportunity to announce their existence to the world.

4. Like, Tweet, Pin, etc

A list like the one above really gives “doublespeak” a new meaning. The web has devised more than one of its own languages and easy platforms for speech and expression. Make sure that people who don’t have their own business website or blog can still express their favor for your site or the content therein by placing all the most popular social media links in clear visibility. Easy access is key to ensuring visitors who like will also share.

5. Know the neighborhood

Don’t forget to keep an eye out for the possibility of bad or broken links coming from bad and broken neighborhoods. Look around, if the neighbors seem unsavory, they probably are. Living in a bad neighborhood or having too many links from neighborhoods deemed bad by Google is one of the swiftest ways to be called to justice by a bot or algorithm update.