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What is a Keyword?

What is a Keyword?

What is a key word or key phrase?

Keywords  and Key Phrases are hot property on the internet.  85{2e7a77de243e3b85110e748c85fea5dda8ea7b50956723cce2641afd684774f2} of all people on the Internet find their way to what they are looking for by using a major search engine and/or directories. If you want to know about “liver disease” or “Belize travel”, you simply type them into a search engine or directory and the most relevant results appear.  When you type such a phrase into the search engine, you are relying upon a mathematical equation(algorithm)  and some human intervention to find the most relevant information for your particular search.
Obviously, some key words are searched more than others, and with this increase in traffic flow comes an increase in perceived value. Qualified and experienced key phrase research can tell you not only which key phrases are being searched the most, but can give you a realistic idea of both how difficult the journey will be to become number one for any given key phrase or word and also how much it will cost to purchase the key phrase in a pay per click search engine.  At Boulder Web Marketing, our expertise lies in our ability to have you rank highly on the first page of “organic” and “pay per click” search results for the key words and key phrases most likely to deliver the targeted traffic that will convert.  To find out how and start reaping the rewards of our skills and experience. Call us now to schedule your FREE, no obligation website analysis and consultation.

Key Phrase Fundamentals, Finding The Right Key Phrase

At the heart of key phrase and key word research is our ability to find the right word or words for your given topic.  Let’s look at liver disease for example.  In previous research for one of our clients we were asked to evaluate the key phrase “liver health” and to find alternative, better performing key phrases.  To the amazement of our client, the term “liver health” was only searched “1,916” times per month on overture where as “liver disease” was searched “31,112” times per month.  What a difference a single word makes.  For example, if your website showed up on the first page of results for “liver disease” you would have 31,112 opportunities to draw targeted traffic to your site vs. “liver health” which would only give you 1,916 opportunities.  Which would you rather have?  More targeted traffic = more conversion opportunities = more profits.  To find out how to increase your opportunities and profits, call us today for a FREE, no obligation, website analysis and consultation.  We will help you make more money, guaranteed!

Looking at the larger picture
Key phrase research and market analysis

Once our marketing team has a basic understanding of the demand by search engine visitors for your targeted key phrases we perform an in depth market analysis.  This includes looking at the market as a whole, pay per click search engine pricing and “organic search result” competition.   We analyze the top ten(first page) results for our targeted key phrases and create a feasibility study for becoming number one.  Our success record speaks for itself and that is why we guarantee results. To see some of our success stories, click here now or if your ready to take your business to the next level, call us now for your FREE, no obligation website analysis and consultation.