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Top SEO Rankings – Where to Start to achieve top rankings on Google | Siteupp- Easy Website Builder

Top SEO Rankings – Where to Start to achieve top rankings on Google

Top SEO Rankings – Where to Start to achieve top rankings on Google

People who have been extremely disappointed on their website marketing efforts, others that have been take by unscrupulous SEO people and even others that just hired the wrong web guy and got burned fast. The question has been almost unanimous.

How does one trust SEO people when they charge thousands of dollars on SEO services and the results are spotty at best? Today, I’m making my first post in the series, How to Achieve Top Search Engine Rankings even if you don’t know html from hdtv.

So, lesson one could only start in one place. The keywords you use to promote your site. Although there are a few different and free places where you can start your keyword research, I highly recommend you check out Wordtracker.

Wordtracker helps you find all keyword combinations that bear any relation to your business or service, many of which you might never have considered. You’ll find out how popular these keywords really are. Then for each major search engine, it will show you the chances of making the top ten. It’s the best on the market, and no Webmaster should live without it.

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The course above is entirely free and it will show you how wordtracker can help you find the best keywords to rank your business. The fact is that it is very very difficult to rank for top tier keywords.

For example, if your site is about Web Marketing, you will have to compete with 32 million other websites for a chance to show up on that first page of Google. Although it is not impossible, chances are it is really not worth your time and money.

Now, if you go back and look for alternatives for that keyword, for instance, I will add my city, Boulder and search on Google for “Boulder Web Marketing” then the competition came down to a mere 1000 + sites. Now, that’s way more manageable, by the way, go ahead and do that search “boulder web marketing” and you will see where we rank for that term.

So, there, you have lesson one.

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The next post will explain the next step once you have your top keywords in place. Don’t procrastinate. Web marketing takes work and it takes consistency in the work.

You must do it daily in order to achieve the results you want. Go ahead and take the wordtracker course than come back for the next lesson.