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How to improve your page rank on search engines

How to improve your page rank on search engines

Having a good page rank on some of the biggest search engines is one of the most sought thing in the modern world of the internet ,with it their tends to be lots of benefits depending on what one is engaging in the internet. The page rank mainly determine how one’s site is going to appear on search engines and if your ranks are too high your sites will always appear on the first page of search engines thereby having a chance of having increased traffic to your sites .This is usually beneficial to sites running the sales of goods and services on the net as on will eventually have increased sales.

Many internet browsers many a times are known to stick only with the first page of search engines instead of viewing the other pages as they will have gotten what they were looking ,thus to be successful your page should be ranked higher and appear on the first page.

Keyword phrases are essential when you want to have a good page rank you will not need to rely on a single word and you will need to stick to one subject per page to be highly successful .Keyword tags should also be used and should always be accompanied with commas so as to have higher ranks when the rankings are calculated on search engines .When using the keywords they should not be repeated three times in arrow as search engines especially Google indexes only the first 101 keywords in a document.

The density of the keyword should also be taken care of so as to command a higher rank of page on search engines this is one of the key things that search engines look for when cataloging pages .You should use natural phrasing and you do not have to repeat the keywords just for the sake of doing it but it should essentially create a meaning in the entire article.

You should always use Google sitemaps so that when Google views you be awarded good rankings and always ensure that you regularly update your site with new materials as this essentially leads to higher ratings .With this you will also need to provide sitemaps for your visitors .Visiting other forums related to your site or blogs and leaving comments will also work perfectly in diverting traffic to your sites by leaving back links.

Spell checking your content before posting is an essential factor as Google does not tolerate spelling errors when ranking sites .You should also post your articles in other relevant sites related to yours and provide a back link to your site. Many a times you might find yourself using keywords that also your competitors are using to avoid this so that you can have a higher ranking try to go for less competitive keywords while you optimize your page. Learning from your competitor is also a good thing as you can visit their sites look what they are doing differently than so that they have a higher page rank then you use the knowledge to better your sites for higher page ranks.