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How to build more backlinks

How to build more backlinks

One of the most common questions that is asked by website owners, is how can i get more backlinks for my website. It seems to be something that effects many new webmasters, or those who are just starting to get into doing their own SEO.

There are a few myths around link building, many of these have no substance when you test them out, and try them on sites. This includes:
Building links to quickly will damage my site
This is true if you are building many hundred of thousands of links, using the same anchor text and software to build the links. If your building manually, you really don’t have anything to worry about.
Building links to quick is bad
Again, this is only true if your building many hundred of thousands of links, pinging them, and getting them indexed really quick. Otherwise, its nothing to worry about.

So, now we’ve got those two out the way, lets look at where we can start advertising, and building links to our site. It is important to remember that we are not just building links for people to click and visit our site, but also for the search engines to find.

Firstly, blogging. Either on your own blog, or guest blogging on someone else’s. have a look at the guest blogging section, and either ask if you can write a blog for someone, or look to see if someone has a request you can fulfil. Don’t forget about the other places you can make a blog, such as wordpress.com, tumblr, weebly etc. All these links can help.

Article Submission – Writing articles and submitting them to article directories (like eZine) can help. Just remember to use the resource box correctly, to include links back to your site.

Forum – Like this one here. On your profile, you can have a link back to your site, as well as after you get 25 posts, you can have it in your signature.

Social Bookmarking – There are now many sites that allow you to bookmark your favourite sites. These are frequented regularly by the search engines. YouMob, Digg Delicious are just a few examples.

Blog Comments – Whilst they may not carry much weight (especially if the page has many outbound links) they are still handy to create diversity.

Directories – Adding your site to directories can really help. if its a local directory, and you submit to local directories, this can be especially good.

Important points to remember:
You link may not appear right away, and may need approval by an admin.
Even when the link does it appear, it may then take a few weeks to be indexed by the search engines.
Not all links carry the same value. This depends on a number of factors including where the link is located, the authority of the website, page rank of the website etc.
Getting quality backlinks is not easy, but work at it, and you’ll get there.