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7 Awesome Free Places to Promote your Business!

7 Awesome Free Places to Promote your Business!

Starting a business is very daunting, but it becomes tougher when a company is working on a shoestring budget. Furthermore, marketing and promoting your company among other already-established companies can be expensive. But it is possible even on a tight budget.
Before the internet, small and mid-sized businesses had few ways to promote their products or services. Banner ads and fliers can be expensive, so to get the best return on your investment here are 7 Free Places to Promote Your Business without spending a fortune.
1. Online Business Directories
Online business directories allow users to search businesses in any niche. These sites, therefore, are good places to start when launching an online presence. Whether they are high profile platforms or local directories, these sites have a wide range of audiences who are also potential customers for your business.
Besides, their flow is almost the same, so it is easy to add your business to different platforms. Online business directories let you display information about your company, contact and also add a link to your website. These directories include:
  • Yellow Pages
  • Yelp
  • BBB
  • Hotfrog
  • Foursquare
  • DMOZ
  • Merchant Circle
  • Manta
2. Local listing services
Many small businesses overlook this option even though it is free and an easy way to find customers searching for companies in your area. Ensure your business is listed in your geographic area to get more clients. Google Places makes it easy to find your business on Google searches. Besides, Google Places shows the exact location of your company on a mobile-friendly map. Yahoo Local and Bing Places for Business are also free worth-it places to register and put your brand out there.
3. Social Media

Even though these sites are growing in popularity by the day, many businesses do not utilize them to promote their products or services. The world is using these social media sites, and they are here to stay whether we like it or not, so make sure you create your business profiles and pages on them.

Setup a personal and company profile on LinkedIn, post offers on your Facebook page and have a direct channel with your clients on Twitter. Your business profile should include a good description with keywords and a direct link to your website. Furthermore, you can also participate in conversations in groups that talk about your specific product or service. Another list of well-known social media platforms include:
  • Instagram
  • Google+
  • Pinterest
  • YouTube
  • Snapchat
  • Reddit
  • StumbleUpon
  • Tumblr
  • Digg
  • Vimeo
4. Content Promotion Sites
Meaningful content is the king of advertising. If you are looking for free places to promote your business, you can submit articles on topics your clients are interested in, to sites like Ezinearticles, HubPages, and Articlesbase. These sites allow you to add backlinks to your website giving you traffic and potential customers for good returns on investment. Furthermore, meaningful and readable content ranks you as a guru in your related field. The best way to come up with good content is to ask your customers about their concerns.
5. Press Release Websites

Press Release Websites are powerful places to promote your business and get good returns on your investment whether you are a small or mid-sized company. Always shoot off a press release and submit it to popular sites like PRLog and Free Press Release every time your company does something newsworthy. There are dozens of other press release sites where you can make an impact like Open PR and 24-7 PressRelease.


6. Blog
Blogs are a perfect way of connecting with your customers directly and getting your company name out there. The key to successful blogging is updating your customers as often as you can. However, if you have a dormant and abandoned blog, your followers will reduce which in turn means converting very few readers to clients for your business.
7. Online Communities
Every niche has a relevant online community where you can join and contribute actively. These communities are equally free places to promote your business online because they let you promote your business passively by adding links to your signature or mentioning your company when the need arises. Stay active, build rapport with members and keep your business out of it as much as you can.
To sum it up
Good marketing gives good results, but if you are working on a tight budget, or starting out, take your time to go through these free places to promote your business and add it in as many sources as possible. Also visit our blog for other online promotional tips.