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Using Classified Advertising

Using Classified Advertising

Over the years, classified advertising has been used with great success. Classified advertising is one of the oldest forms of advertising in history. The method of advertising with small ads targeted to certain people or places can be both very effective in your business, and also very good value for money (if there is a cost involved).

If you were to ask people what they think of when they hear the word Classified, most of them would answer with comments such as newspapers, magazines etc. Most people only think of classified ads as the last few pages of the local newspaper, they don’t really think of classified advertising being used on the Internet in much the same way.

The majority of Internet users have heard of Ebay, the world’s largest online auction service. Did you know that Ebay uses what is essentially a classified service? Classified Advertising is simply advertising in a targeted, ordered way.

Now, on to the Internet, and how can classified advertising work for you.

Think of the business that you want to advertise. Now think of the type of people that would benefit from your business. Do you think younger people would join more than older people? How about people from certain countries? Over the last year or so, there has been an increase in the amount of people using online classified advertising with phenomenal success. Why? Simply because it allows the marketer to have a little more control over their ad.

There are many good points to using classified advertising. Let’s take a look at the general rules you will come across online:

  1. You are usually able to target your ads.
  2. You can usually update, delete and change your ads.
  3. They are often free of charge or very reasonably priced.
  4. You do not require lists of email addresses.
  5. There is little or no need for a follow-up system.
  6. You don’t get loads of emails back.
  7. They are simple to use.

Sound good so far?

Before we go on, you should be aware that there is also a down side to classified advertising. Like all type of marketing, classified ads do have aspects that can challenge your ad’s success.

  1. Classified Ad services will usually only allow up to 500 characters (letters, numbers and spaces).
  2. Because you are limited to the word limit, you can not always write an effective ad.
  3. They are only seen by people who willingly look.

There are many ways in which you can improve the success of your ad. The general rule of thumb is to follow this guide:

  • Focus on getting the attention of the reader.
  • Excite the reader and make them interested.
  • Make the reader WANT to see the program!

The first step, of course, is to get the reader’s attention. You do this by using careful wording of the heading and body of the ad. Try and use terms that appeal to people. If your program can help with income, then try and appeal to the reader’s sense of financial need. Headings such as “I will help you earn $1000” will always have more effect than headings such as “earn $1000 easily”. Why? Because the first heading tells the reader they will get help and support, one of the most sort after things in the industry.

Follow these rules when writing a classified Ad in order to get the most benefit:

  1. Capitalize Every Word in your subject line or first line. It looks cleaner and more professional.
  2. NEVER use full CAPITALIZATION. It looks unprofessional and desperate. Contrary to popular belief, most people will not read an Ad such as this. It appears as if you are YELLING at the reader.
  3. Never use hype to sell the program. Most people can see through hype and will not read the Ad.
  4. Only ever make a comment if you can prove it or follow through on it. In other words, never lie.
  5. Keep to the point and be brief. If you babble, you are likely to turn off the reader.
  6. Be honest and be excited.

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