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How To Build Your Value So People Will Join YOU in Your Business

How To Build Your Value So People Will Join YOU in Your Business

Ok, you want to talk about Mindset and Law of Attraction / Attraction Marketing, go no further than this young man I met last year who just blew me away with his handle on this industry and more importantly, life in general.  I could tell he had really worked on himself – much more than most people ever do.  No wonder he’s been so successful so quickly.

Today I want to share with you some key points (in much fewer words as my friend JBudd- he does love to talk) that will create the success you are looking for.

In order for you to have success, you must have something people want.  You must have value for them.  Why else would anyone join you?

  1. Determine Who your Prospects / Target Market is.
  2. Figure out what your prospects want and become what they want.

An Example of value is being a great communicator. You can get on the phone and close people, etc.

Now we’ll talk about the 4 areas you create value in:

1. MENTAL VALUE: Always be expanding your base of knowledge. Learn new marketing tactics. Teach others how to fish. By moving into the role of teacher you become better at communicating as well as demonstrating your value by helping others.

2. EMOTIONAL VALUE: our behavior is dictated by our emotions. Most people are unaware of their own emotions and emotional processes, yet emotions govern every aspect of our decision making, how we think, act and feel.

Key point here to consider, is this industry is based off of emotions more than anything else.

You need to have high self confidence. Believe you are worth joining (like me – you would be making a wise decision to join me 😉 . . . Believe in yourself and KNOW who you are and be COMFORTABLE with who you are.

Create serious MOJO or high vibration – everyone wants to be around people who are HAPPY, MOTIVATIONAL, CARING, UPLIFTING.

You cultivate your ‘mojo thru a process of self awareness and understanding your own emotions.  Personally, I have found TM meditation to go a long way in expanding one’s creative intelligence.

Whether they know it or not, each person is broadcasting their own level of awareness.  People are attracted to those with the highest self awareness.

3. PHYSICAL VALUE: this one is more tangible.  Get your body into shape.

Eat well. Rest. Exercise.  You need physical energy to do good work.  The most vibrant energetic people are attractive – others want what they have. So be good to yourself and your body.

4. SPIRITUAL VALUE: People are naturally attracted to what they feel is meaningful in their lives. They gravitate to those who they think can help find their value or connect to them at a deeper level.  This is where it’s important to give your prospects the REAL YOU. By being authentic and not putting on false pretenses, you will increase your TRUST factor exponentially.

I encourage you to check out my friend’s information as he is full of it (marketing information that is, LOL)