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Viral Marketing..uhh, where do I start?

Viral Marketing..uhh, where do I start?

So, Im scouring the web late at night again, looking for information on the latest techniques within viral marketing. The usual suspects keep popping up, dont hard sell, lose control of your information, make sure you use triggers and so on an so forth. Then I stumbled across a youtube video that I just had to share with my friends on FB.

Presto-chango, the viral marketing worked for this ticket agency. They struck a cord with me that inspired me to show this to my friends and fam online. If we jump into the vid for a moment, what was it?

Title of video- Unexpected Performance Cool, this is solid and intriguing, Ive got 7 min to burn in the middle of the night to start the video, lets see what happens.

The Description of the Video- Stansted Airport, London. 7 hidden cameras. 14 undercover actors. 1 unexpected performance Alright, an airport, lots of people, hidden cameras, undercover actors and a show. Perfect, now Im hooked an willing to make the 7 min commitment to watch the vid to see what happens. See the underlying qualities here? Before Ive even viewed the video, Im intrugued, interested and willing to spend (or waste) 7 minutes watching this vid.

The video was hilarious! I quickly posted it on FB for my friends to see  and get a laugh. It has been reposted multiple times, some views for a couple of Youtube channels are over 3/4 of a million. Total views? I dont know but Id estimate somewhere close to 3-5 million between all the different video websites. The video is over two years old now, and still has daily activity in the comments section.

Welcome to Viral marketing. No, seriously, this is big stuff because its happening everywhere and if you have something to sell or show, take a look deeper.

What did the business do? Only the business knows (or al least I dont) how much they spent on making this video, however being in marketing I have a theory. The actors were part of the Theater company the ticket agency brokers and the actors did this on their own dime or worked for cheap. The cameras could have been rented for cheap, the video work was good but nothing that was super high-tech and impressive. 10 hours or so of video work putting it all together and a free post to youtube. Maybe $1,000? Maybe $2,500? For the project costs?

Okay, so this business for $2,500, lets say $10,000 made this viral video, thats two years old, has been viewed 3mil+ times, still has daily views and comments, doesnt hard sell anything, is fun to watch and pulls the triggers on multiple fronts that gets a surprisingly deep target market capture rate.

Now its math time, 3mil views / 1{2e7a77de243e3b85110e748c85fea5dda8ea7b50956723cce2641afd684774f2} conversion rate = 30,000 tickets sold x $45 (ticket cost) = $1,350,000 in revenue. I dont even want to guess what the Margins are within Theater. So, even though these numbers are completely hypothetical, you get the idea that this little clever investment at lets say 10k only took 222 ticket sales for the revenue to match the investment. With several million views, Im sure it was more than 222 ticket sales. Especially because of the cross-sale opportunities. You get encouraged to go to the ticket website in the end of the video, you may not buy theater tickets but what about plane tickets? Hotels? (get the idea) This is powerful exposure!

Also, the video is two years old!?! Theres no cost to upkeep, no maintenance, no action required from the ticketing agency except to keep selling tickets off of becoming a household name in ticket sales with the assistance of this video.

Now, how does this apply to your business? Im not a ticketing agency, I dont sell theater tickets. Im a dentist or Im a landscaper, a painter, inventor, locksmith, broker, vacuum repairer ect.. and then we here I dont have something cool to do like that.

Really? I didnt know selling tickets was the latest fad. How did a tickets company go from ticket sales of all sorts of services to, Stansted Airport, London. 7 hidden cameras. 14 undercover actors. 1 unexpected performance that was a SLAM DUNK for marketing, exposure and PR? Well, they got there and succeeded by being clever, focusing on what makes powerful marking work by focusing on specific emotions, using triggers, not selling but entertaining and letting go of the control of information.

With all businesses, if you mold your marketing to focus on specific qualities youll get noticed.

So, enjoy this little mid-night snack blog and ponder how cool you can make things for your business.or give us a call.