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Tips on How To Choose a Good Domain Name for Your Website

Tips on How To Choose a Good Domain Name for Your Website

How To Choose a Good Domain Name

The first step of creating your fist website is register a domain name for your website
there are two things you should keep in your mind before register your domain name

  1. A domain name is like and address to your website so you must think hard before choosing your domain name, it can end with .com, .net, .org, .info, .us, .biz, .tv and more…..
    its highly recommended that you register domain end with .com or .net
  2.  Its extremely important that you register domain name that contain your main keyword, for example if you have tutorials site its better to register domain
    tutorials-for-Beginners.com, instead of myfreesite.com

Important tips on choosing the Best Domain Name:

  1. Don’t register domain names that are too long and have too many character, yes you can up to 63 characters long but no one want to do this, so try to register short domain as possible.
  2. Register domain than are easy to remember, this will help you keep your visitors because not everyone will bookmark your website.
  3. Use hyphens (-) if your domain name contain more than 3 words for example tutorials-for-Beginners.com better than tutorialsforBeginners.com
  4. Protect your name by registering multiple extensions (.net .org .info ….) if your website got so popular some people may register the same domain name you have but with different extension (.net .org .info ….), of course there are too many extension you don’t have to register domain name with all extension its enough to register with .com .net .org .info.

Where Can You Register Domain Name?

after we talked about how to register a domain name now we actually going to see where can you register domain name.
Registering A domain name is easy and it’s cheap , there are many places where you can register domain it doesn’t really matter where you register it

Best Places To Register Damian Name