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The Best Twitter Tools

The Best Twitter Tools

How do you identify the best Twitter tools out there when there are so many different apps and tools for your use?

  • First, you do not want tools that will be filled with ads and spam. Your followers will not appreciate it.
  • Second, the best Twitter tools out there will help you manage and monitor your following easily.
  • Third, these tools should effectively save you time, not help you waste it.

Keeping Your Account Up to Date

It is important to keep your Twitter account up to date. Keep your informative tweets and news current. Tweeting is instantaneous so keeping customers and clients updated and informed is best. Twitter tools allows for an incredibly easy way to update followers with news from whatever field you are interested as well as business plans, conferences, and people you meet. Your followers will spread the word. Make sure you retweet when someone tweets you. Keep your customers updated with product information and helpful, interesting news about your company.

Recommended Blogs and Websites to Follow

When it comes to your business and Twitter, do your best. Twitter tools make it easy to link blogs and websites with your account. All you have to do is tweet it.

Here are several blogs and websites that will help you to use Twitter and any social media with your business.

  • MariSmith.com is a social media thought leader, author and trainer. Mari is one of the Top Ten Most Influential Small Business People on Twitter, according to Dun & Bradstreet Credibility.
  • SocialMediaExaminer.com is a social magazine that helps businesses in their use of social media tools
  • Mashable.com is an online news site dedicated to reporting on everything digital, helping you in social media
  • InsideFacebook.com gives news on Facebook’s growth and on corporations and products
  • Web-Strategist.com is a blog dedicated to reviewing technological products
  • TheNextWeb.com gives news on internet technology, business and culture from an international perspective
  • SocialMediaExplorer.com educates and informs on social media and digital marketing
  • SocialMediaToday.com is a community for the marketing professional that needs an understanding of social media
  • Copyblogger.com gives solutions in online social media marketing and helps solve issues of traffic, links, and followers

Market Research and Your Twitter Account

Some of the best Twitter tools are free and effectively help you when it comes to market research. Market research matters because it allows you to get to know your potential consumers. Use hashtags to get those who aren’t following you interested in your tweets.

Twitter allows you to get in contact with consumers and see what they want. Consumers will appreciate your business when you are willing to listen and help them out. Your Twitter following will grow when you invest in your followers ideas and are willing to help them, not just by advertising your company. Consumers want to be assured that you will help them out, not just offer them products to increase your financial benefits. They want benefits too!