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Start Your Own Website Business

Start Your Own Website Business

Find your niche.

Use Jaaxy to find a niche or for starters you can use the Alphabet Soup Technique. You get 30 free searches with Jaaxy and then you can go on the monthly plan or the yearly plan to continue if you wish. Jaaxy can help you find your niche and then it will help you find a domain name for your niche.

Registering your Domain Name

From Jaaxy you will be directed to GoDaddy the largest registration site for domain names. You can also use one of the registrars listed HERE. You can go directly to GoDaddy and look for domain names. Your domain name will be the name of your website. The name of your site should also be the URL. Try to pick something logical and memorable. People have a hard time remembering names which are unrelated to product website names. You don’t want to lose a customer just because your name was easily forgotten. Try to stay away from hyphenated names if possible. People often forget to type in the hyphens.

.com, .net, .org., etc.

At the top of the heap is a .com URL if you can get it. Try for slightly different names with a .com. If you can come up with something similar, go for it. Apparently the search engines will look for a .com name if someone types in the site without the suffix. Then it will look for the .net and so forth.

Once you have found your niche and domain name you can start your website. Your site will have a .siterubix tail on WA unless you go to the site you bought your domain name from and point your domain name to your website on WA. If you are using a different host such as iPage or HostGator you will have to find their directions for pointing your domain name to their hosting sites.


WordPress is the easiest and most flexible open source frame or theme available for a good detailed blog. You will be able to add plug ins and sidebar information that will enhance your product and goals.

You can go to WordPress.org and they will host your website with a WordPress.org tail on it. It is a bit more difficult because they do not have support except in written form. They do have pages of help but sometimes it is difficult to find exactly what you might be looking for. Do not register a .com, org, or .me on their site because they will freeze your site as far as plug ins and

WordPress Logo

other possible additions go. You will still be able to blog on your site but you cannot even change the header picture.

 The Easiest Way

There are several ways to start your own website. Get it up and running!

By far the easiest and fastest way to start your own website business would be to go to WA and use your seven day free membership to start a blog or business site. Join Wealthy Affiliate they will walk you through the process to start your own website free.

This site offers members a 30 second install for your website. That is pretty fast.They will walk you through it step by step. If seven days are not enough time for you, stay longer for $19.00 for the first month look here.  You will learn a lot! That is a promise.

You will have to find a theme that goes with your site’s content. There are thousands of themes available. Most of them will not be appropriate for your content. You will need at a minimum of two columns something not too garish but pick a plain light color. Make it inviting looking with content on the left side of the page and a sidebar on the right for adding more site information. Otherwise your theme should match your vision that harmonizes with what you are promoting, your product.

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