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New Leads are the Fuel to Your Network Marketing Business

New Leads are the Fuel to Your Network Marketing Business

Twenty years ago when we started in Network Marketing, new leads only came from your address book or Roledexhuh?

There was no internet or social media back then, remember?

Although our world has changed because of the world wide web, the need to build an always growing list has not.

Think of it like this

More leads equals more fuel.

Put more fuel on the fire (your business) and it gets hotter, much hotter.

If you allow yourself to only have a few names on your list, then you will go into a no action mode.

Why?  Well if you get through those leads, you may be subconsciously thinking you will be out of business soon.

That is so far from the truth today because of the power of the internet.

The internet will forever be a significant and important aspect of ALL networkers businesses.

So, do not avoid it, embrace the Internet.  Embrace Social Media.

But do not forget about the tried and proven ways to build a list.

Lets take a look at your options today.

6 Ways Your Names List Grows

  1.  People you know or knew
  2.  People you will meet or have met
  3.  Referrals from people you know or meet
  4.  Marketing
  5.  Lead purchase
  6.  People who find you

One mistake a lot of businesses make when marketing is to focus on only ONE method to market their message.

Well if that one fails, you are sunk.

If you implement multiple strategies all at once, then you can see what is working and what is not.

But still you will be making progress with those that are working.  Make sense?

7 Methods Used To Grow A Names List

1. Address Books/Contact Lists

I list both address books and contact lists because although you may not have an address book, your parents may still.  These can be a great way to remember extended family, friends and acquaintances.

Go to your phone and look through your contacts.  Heck, get your parents phone and look through theirs with permission of course.

Old contact numbers can be updated using the internet or finding them on Facebook for example.

2. Phone Book

If you can find one still in your house using the phone book is NOT for cold calling.

Rather use the titles of occupations in the yellow pages to stimulate who you know that is a _____.

Fill in the blank with different professions and it will stimulate thought as to past contacts.

Again, if you have old numbers, search online.

3. Year Books

Pull out and dust off that old, well old..er for me. =) I have a 35 year high school reunion this year!

Grab the names out of the book and go find them on Social Media or search on Google.

4. Names Lists

We all have these around the house.

They come from school, athletic groups, the PTA, homeowners associations, etc.

Usually they have pretty active phone numbers, typically home numbers, but not always.

5. Social Media

There are a Billion people a day on Facebook alone.

Facebook is not the only player in social media, but a billion is a big number.

Use it to find people, meet new friends of friends and grow your circle of influence.

6. Marketing Online or Offline

Offline marketing could men trade show booths, local advertising, kiosks, etc., depending on budgets

Online Marketing could mean creating a blog site which acts as your nerve center from which you could utilize many different lead capture strategies.

7. Purchase Leads

Again this is dependent on your budget ability and your skill set to convert a truly cold prospect.

Make sure your upline has a good system to put these leads into.  You will need solid scripts and tools to support your efforts.

What do you notice in common?

We need to an will always from now on utilize the Internet to drive our network marketing businesses.

How exciting for all networkers, as we should never run out of potential business partners to speak with.