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Looking for a Free website, it just might be the wrong choice to make? | Siteupp- Easy Website Builder

Looking for a Free website, it just might be the wrong choice to make?

Looking for a Free website, it just might be the wrong choice to make?


Sometimes free isn’t the best option, especially when it comes to building your own website.  I am strictly speaking from years of experience; I have made the error myself.  I made the mistake of using free services such as domain registration and web hosting only suffer the consequences later down the road.

Simply not all host are created equal, most free websites have numerous limitations that make it nearly impossible to be productive.  It is advantageous to purchase your own domain name and hosting, you really do get what you pay for when comes to hosting.

Advantages of owning your own Domain Name with paid hosting

  • Professional looking site and domain name that demands credibility
  • Guaranteed uptime
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Fast loading website
  • Easier to get listed by Google and other search engines
  • No unexpected plug pulling on your site
  • Personalized email address such as myname@mydomain.com
  • Domain can be sold down the road
  • Disadvantages of using free domain and hosting services

    • Limited bandwidth
    • Limited space
    • No uptime guarantee
    • Little or no customer support
    • Long & hard to remember website domain name that isn’t unique or yours
    • Slow to load on computer’s browser
    • Over crowded Servers, after all it’s free!
    • The free webhost  usually places ads and banners or pop ups on your site
    • Many search engines don’t take free sites seriously and as a result you will have limited traffic
    • Doesn’t look professional & may cause visitors to doubt your credibility
    • Search engines such as Google often penalize sites for being slow to load
    • Can receive excessive spam compared to paid services
    • Doesn’t offer room for growth or much features
    • Never entirely free, nothing is usually free, always read the fine print

    If the reasons above were not enough to discourage you from webhosting, consider starting a business with no money at all and expecting it to be successful.  As with any mortar and brick store, online business or websites need some investment to be successful and productive. In all my years in the web development and affiliate marketing business, I have never seen a successful company that started up on free hosting.   Why is that, well It just doesn’t happen folks, you need to set yourself up for success and start on the right foot.

    Nobody will take your website seriously if the domain names look something like www.mybusiness.freewebsites4all.com or some long domain name.  Even blogs created with Google’s Blogger site are not as credible as blogs with their own domain name and hosts.   Every successful person in the business knows this. The way these free hosts work is by placing unwanted banner ads and pop ups on your site in the hopes that you or someone will click on them and or purchase a product to pay for the hosting fees.  In reality this doesn’t happen all that often, when was the last time you clicked on such ads and made a purchase?

    As a result most of these companies are starting to charge a small fee or only offer their free service as a trial.  That’s fine and dandy but when you have your site settled in and all of a sudden you need to move your site because the free host is no longer available, then what?  This was the exact problem I ran into years ago. If your intentions are to make money from your site then I would definitely stay away from free sites.  This is by the biggest mistake you can make in this situation.  This is definitely not a way to make money.  As your site would be ignored by most affiliate groups and your ads would be competing with the unwanted free host’s non relevant and annoying ads.

    Many people foolishly decide to start with a free host to eventually realize how big of a mistake they have made.  I just want to help you from making the same mistakes I made starting out with my first website.
    Please consider this information and my past experience when making the decision to choose paid or free web hosting.  I wish you the best, regardless of which option you choose.