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How to Take Your Business Online and Increase Profits

How to Take Your Business Online and Increase Profits

In 2017 the online business marketplace has drastically changed. If your planning to move your business online or expand your business with an online store you will quickly find out you have made the best decision ever. Some businesses these days rely totally on the internet for traffic and sales. No more signing a long term lease on a storefront hiring employees, stocking tons of products which also cost money, by the time you start you are already out $20,000-50,000+ easily. In 2017 this has totally changed, there are stories of 16 year old kids starting a business online and making more than there parents within a few years. Ive even heard stories about the kids hiring there parents later haha. Ok yes this is not the norm, but hey if you open your eyes you can see its tons of potential to make money online. Many people will even notice family members that are just a little computer savvy usually doing well online.

You could be making a website for your local storefront, to increase traffic. Imagine if your business was on the front page of google in your area and right in front of people looking for your services. You can quickly go from struggling business to extremely wealthy pretty quick. Many customers use Google first before visiting a business these days. Many people find it convenient to check for reviews, business hours, or prices online before visiting the actual store. If you have a cafe or restaurant people like to visit the website to check out your menus or lunch specials for the day, this can apply to any business.

Increase Traffic and Sales Online with Your Website!

As you can see its worth having a website if you want to run a successful business. You can also look at it as your central headquarters online to reach your customers with news and updates about your business. And the best thing about it is a website is one of the most cost effective things you can do for your business. When you think about some of the costs of overhead and advertisement these days.

Newspaper Ads -$150-500+
Physical Newsletters -$250 And hope customers read them.
Magazine Ads- $500 Also hope you have a great ad and they see it or your out of $500 quickly.
Radio Ads- $1,500+
TV- $10,000+

Online Advertising is 10x Cheaper than Traditional Advertising!

You can see how fast these fees can clean out your wallet. And the simple fact that you could own a website and pay maybe $10 a month to have it online. And leave yourself some capital for advertising. Then you have greatly increased your chances for profit. Another good thing about having a website and marketing online is. Marking online can be anywhere from cheap to absolutely free. Now don’t let us mislead you, you definitely have to spend money to make money in some cases. But tell that to some businesses that make money by just building a following online and marketing there products and services on social media. Sites like Instagram, Facebook, Pinstrest are sites to get started on and get traffic for totally free. If you have a visually appealing products like say Shirts, Gifts, Artwork,etc. You can use these social media outlets to get the word out quite fast. And when your ready to take it to the next level you can boost your ads usually for only $5-10 per day and start reaching even more customers.

As you can see online is the way to go with business these days. The longer you wait the more you miss out on ( will your competition?). Now of course this is not a full how to guide on how to get started online. But here at Webbiy.com we can help you get started online by setting you up with an awesome website with all the latest features like contact forms, social media integration. Ecommerce support and more. We also help you with marketing your website, which is just as important. Check out or packages and feel free to chat with one of our live support agents. We are here to help you build a bright future for your business.

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