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How to Start an Online Business for Free

How to Start an Online Business for Free

Short of Cash?

Many people are a bit short of cash these days and some of them are very creative but dont

Happiness is a Well designed website


know where to start. Maybe you have been saying to yourself, I want to start an online business in my spare time.  Let me briefly show you how to start a online business for free. How to find a free website host. Build your site or blog. Last but not least, great ways to market your site for free.

Have a great business idea?

You know that in order to make it work you must present it online. Lets say for now that you have heard that Affiliate Marketing is bringing good income for some people. After your site is visible a seller will give you a link. A visitor to your site clicks on the link and buys something. You get paid. Simple?

You Need a Website

Blogging has become a way for many to make money online. There are many resources online happy to host your free site. One of them is WordPress another is Blogger. Each takes a bit of effort to understand. Then there are free teaching sites such as Wealthy Affiliate University that will teach you and host two sites for free.


I am going to present WordPress here. Go to: http://www.Wordpress.org and create an account. By this time you should have a vision of how you want your site to look and what you are going to promote. WordPress has many free themes. Choose one. Spend some time poking around and learning how this all works or find a free mentor, your brother, Wealthy Affiliate?

You must have a framework for your site possibly, Start, About Me, and the blog header, Contact Me and Privacy Page. These are your starting pages which can be changed later. That was fun, yes?

 The Hard Part

Now comes the hard part. You must consistently write content that relates to your business. Divide your subject into logical smaller sections that you might want to write about. The blog section is for news and further insights relating to your product. Writing consistent and constant effort must go into writing content.

Free Marketing

There are several ways you can market your website for free. Several social communities are free to join. You need them all (well most of them). Start with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google +. Other bloggers will also visit your site. Tell your friends and family. Email your site address and request comments. Using these ideas will increase your exposure.

This has been a totally free start to presenting your online business to the world in a nutshell. Free website and set up, free hosting free partners and free marketing. This is a bare bones introduction to starting an online business for free. Let me warn that it is also hard but fun work.