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How to Market a Product

How to Market a Product

Do you have a product or website to promote? Help is on the way.

First Steps

Take the time to figure out who your consumer will be. In this case we are talking about how to market a product online. Check to see if your chosen product is in demand. You can do this by putting the search term or variations for your  product in Google search. Use the alphabet soup technique.

 Use The Alphabet Soup Technique

Go to Google Search (instant) and type in “how to sell”. The second search term that comes up is “how to sell on Amazon” Now you know that this is a term that people are typing into searches. Your search terms should include the name of your product. Try typing “How to sell onl” Google comes up with “how to sell online” and second is “how to sell online for free”.

You can add a letter either in front or after your starting phrase. It may give you ideas you haven’t thought of yet. These are terms that people are searching for.

 We are Talking About Affiliate Marketing

In this case we are going to talk about our example, how to find reliable affiliate marketing classes. You will need to do research online for the several places that will get you started learning  affiliate marketing.

Watch out for scams! Don’t sign up unless you can join for free! If you can get your website up while joining for free, so much the better. Here is the best place to learn.

Using Search Engines

Optimize your website with SEO techniques. Confusing? Yes.

Help is available for free,  learn all about this here. Learn more about how to sell stuff online.Use keywords or keyword phrases that flow naturally within content or headlines. There is nothing worse for your site than having jerky unnatural content. Google will punish you if your website is not written in a natural way.  Your site will not rank high in searches.

Using Reviews

The Ever Present Social Network

There are too many social networks available to keep up with them all.  Sign up for all you think you can manage. Write articles and submit to Street Articles and other sites that look for articles. You can sign up first of all for Google+. This will be the center for your online marketing. Then add: Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest are a few. You can submit articles, chat about what you are selling  on your website.