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How To Know if Your Facebook Page Sucks

How To Know if Your Facebook Page Sucks

There is one number you should keep a close eye on in order to recognize how good of a job you are doing on your Facebook business page.

No, I’m not talking about the number of ‘Likes’ your page has.

Let me share this number with you, and I’ll even reveal my own (full disclosure).

What is PTAT All About?

Does the acronym PTAT mean anything to you?  No worries—it’s not something people typically chat about. However, this is the number that let’s you know how well your page is performing.

PTAT stands for “People Talking About This.”  It’s that number right next to your number of Likes on your business page. What exactly does “talking” mean? It includes when your fans do any of the following:

  • Like your page
  • Like your post
  • Comment on your post
  • Share your post
  • Write on your wall
  • Write a recommendation
  • Check in to your place of business
  • Claim an offer
  • Tag your page in a photo
  • Mention your page on a post
  • RSVP to your page event

Along with your number of PTAT, you can also calculate your Engagement Rate (percentage of people engaging with your page).  Here’s how:

PTAT (People Talking About This) / # of Likes = Engagement Rate ({2e7a77de243e3b85110e748c85fea5dda8ea7b50956723cce2641afd684774f2})

Pretty simple, right?

Why You Should Care About Engagement Rate

Your Engagement Rate not only tells you how many people are engaging with your business, but it is also a clear indication that you are doing something right—or wrong.  If it’s the latter, then you might have to reevaluate what you are posting, when you are posting, and how well you are responding to your fans’ comments.  More on this later.

Let’s take a look at some pages PTAT to see how well they are doing.

Hello Sweetheart Portraiture

This photography business has 818 Likes and 17 PTAT.

17 PTAT / 818 Likes = 2{2e7a77de243e3b85110e748c85fea5dda8ea7b50956723cce2641afd684774f2} Engagement Rate

My Recommendation for Page: Although page owner displays her beautiful work in photography, her Engagement Rate could be increased if she posted on a consistent basis at least three times a day, every day.  Too much you say?  It doesn’t take as long as you might think.  Her followers already show that they love her work (likes, shares, and shares). However, since she is not consistently posting, she is losing out on opportunities for her fans to engage and not forget about her.

MKR Creations

This local small business (and personal friend) creates edible crafts and stationary for special occasions.  MKR has 1,687 Likes and 18 PTAT.

18 PTAT  / 1,687 Likes = 1{2e7a77de243e3b85110e748c85fea5dda8ea7b50956723cce2641afd684774f2} Engagement Rate

My Recommendation for Page:  This page also displays the owner’s creative crafts and special events they design.  This page also lacks consistency. On average the posts receive about 25 likes, and that’s a great thing! MKR could insanely increase its Engagement Rate by doing very simple things to their posts, such as asking fans questions, running a contest, or seeking feedback for future products.  No doubt the product and service is great, but a little more engagement with fans would benefit this business’ social presence and bottom line.


This chic wedding deal website (think Groupon for weddings) has 468 Likes and 69 PTAT.

69 PTAT / 465 Likes = 15{2e7a77de243e3b85110e748c85fea5dda8ea7b50956723cce2641afd684774f2} Engagement Rate

My Recommendation for Page: The page owner posts about 3-4 times a day with deals and curated content around those deals (great idea).  Posts ask questions, opinions, and ask for Likes (there is a greater chance for participation when you ask).  Overall, this page could use more contests to increase engagement even more.

Ok, so I told you I’d give you full disclosure.  Here is my own Facebook page: 

RMR Social Media

Here is my page and my stats showing 367 Likes and 40 PTAT.

40 PTAT / 367 Likes = 11{2e7a77de243e3b85110e748c85fea5dda8ea7b50956723cce2641afd684774f2} Engagement Rate

 Recommendation for my Page (full disclosure, right?): Personally, I know I should be engaging more on my business page to build my brand on social media.  I engage a lot on other social media platforms, but I need to up my engagement on Facebook.  Two weeks ago my Engagement Rate was 40{2e7a77de243e3b85110e748c85fea5dda8ea7b50956723cce2641afd684774f2}, so I need to consider that as a sign to post more of whatever I was sharing on those days. Diving into my Facebook Insights will give me more data on this (but that’s for another day).

Ok, I know what your next question is…

What is a good Engagement Rate?  Am I right?

According to industry leaders, it is on average (ready for this?) 1-2{2e7a77de243e3b85110e748c85fea5dda8ea7b50956723cce2641afd684774f2}. Some might go even further to state it is more like .05{2e7a77de243e3b85110e748c85fea5dda8ea7b50956723cce2641afd684774f2} -1{2e7a77de243e3b85110e748c85fea5dda8ea7b50956723cce2641afd684774f2}. I bet you’re feeling better now, right?  I was because I was beating myself over my 10{2e7a77de243e3b85110e748c85fea5dda8ea7b50956723cce2641afd684774f2} engagement the other day.  I hope this serves to encourage you to not be “the average.” Be better than average.

Tips for improving engagement immediately

Now that you know how to calculate and figure out if your page does suck, here are some tips to start implementing for instant improvement:

  • Create great content (Does it entertain, educate, or evoke emotion?)
  • Post consistently (3-4 times a day, every day)
  • Know the best times to post (this will vary depending on your target audience)
  • Use Facebook Ads to amplify your visibility on your fans’ Newsfeed
  • Be responsive and reply to comments and questions left on your page
  • Get rid of spam that others have left on your page to avoid looking negligent

Final thoughts

Now you know the numbers to focus on. Don’t get caught up by your competitor’s number of Likes; just look to the right and see how well they are keeping their audience engaged.  Work on your engagement first, and then you can worry about your Likes.  It’s better to have a smaller but engaged audience then thousands of Likes and no one engaging with you (no engagement = no business opportunity).

Remember why you created your Facebook page. This is your community, your hub, your tribe, your peeps, people who showed up and said, “I care what you have to say!” So do them a favor, and compel them to engage with your page.