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How To Determine A Successful Product Before You Sell It

How To Determine A Successful Product Before You Sell It

When you ask yourself if you have a successful product, it may sound like a million dollar question. If we rephrase the same question we may get the answer we are looking for. Here is how!

Ask yourself if your product or service can leave the shelf without any type of push or promotion.  If it can, you have a winner!  I wish I could tell you my company came up with a brilliant strategy to test if our service would sell.  Unfortunately that’s not how it went down.  Instead we literally walked into the situation.  Before launching our company, we designed our company brochures. We tried to create a brochure that was eye-catching but simple. We wanted our clients to know our philosophy, give some stats to support the need for our services and explain what we do.
ked up to me from behind the counter and introduced himself as the regional manager of FedEx Kinko’s.  He was doing a store walk through and happened to notice our brochure as the proofs were being printed out. I was barely able to get my name out before he was asking me if I was interested in speaking to some of their accounts or perhaps working on a partnership.  At that moment, I realized we had something!

Here is what I learned from our experience. We designed a brochure that was catchy enough to get noticed even when someone wasn’t looking for our services. Here is how you can apply the same principals to your business.

When creating a new product or service switch to a consumer’s viewpoint.

  1. What part of your product or service generates interest?
  2. Are you targeting the part that generates interest…are you doing enough to make it stand out?
  3. If someone was to see your product or service without a marketing pitch to go with it, what do you think they would think?
  4. What is missing?
  5. What can be improved?

The most important thing is to gather some feedback. Show it around to your friends, ask their opinion. Crowd source your social networks for some feedback and ideas. Ask your friends or colleagues what catches their eye or what drives them to purchase a product or service.

It’s not just about having a great product or service. It’s also about knowing your target consumer and marketing to that person. A great product or service is only half the battle.