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How to Build Social Capital Using Storytelling

How to Build Social Capital Using Storytelling

When we’re referring ourselves to a definition of a social capital we find that it has appeared on the beginning of 20th century and since that meant certain benefits derived from preferential treatment and cooperation between individuals and groups. This is what Wikipedia defines. Since almost 100 years passed, developed and modern reality corrects the term to a benefit of an effective appointments. Where? Online, of course!

Apart of vivid material benefits, like increased sales rates, referrals, etc., there is another great treasure of social capital – like loyalty. To build an effective model of loyalty you need to make a model of Conversation Building. How to start a conversation on a social media field? Tell a good story!

People love stories. We love to listen, to read, to comprehend, to comment and to participate, safely and excitingly of course. For these purposes, we attend theatres and cinemas, read articles and blogs, watch sport events and memorize all these by taking pictures. Analyzing above mentioned, below you will find tips how to tell stories effectively within social media projects.
ousand Faces, who’s inspired George Lucas for directing Star Wars, we will hear how he keens that every story has a red line – a hero on a journey. This metaphor means that a hero leaves an everyday routine and overcomes difficult obstacles, furious adventures to a region of supernatural wonder, transforming from a casual man to a sender of good deeds willing to bestow favors to others.

Wow! Where would you find these types? No worries, Sly and Family Stone refer us to everyday miracles of everyday people around us.

1. Anticipate surprises: use something (a topic, event, community) which is familiar and discover a hidden gem. Like, everyone would expect that on a Facebook successful football players will tell stories all the way about their success and victories. Then Boom! Their new side is shown. It describes a method cited above how these guys helping their community and “to bestow favors to others”.

2. Open your eyes and look around as your everyday people are your greatest asset to the story. Giving a sample of the effective implementation of visual (pictures) and verbal (a story) aspects in careful presentation of somehow tragic life lines of people, we refer you to Eagle Mount in Bozeman, Montana, a therapeutic recreation organization. One story per day. Attentively, promisingly, tenderly they tell and show a story of one everyday person at time.

3. Every day is a miraculous day. Develop your skill in presenting a casual something into supernatural wonder. Explore how others successful do it. You may want to read more yourself, attend certain classes and learn by examples. Learn how to use variety of visual, graphical and verbal approaches while making your casual story fascinating and expiring.

Following what is given above, and your social media loyalty will increase and stabilize, and your stories will be wanted to hear.