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Does my business really need a blog?

Does my business really need a blog?

According to a study by HubSpot, Companies with blogs have 55{2e7a77de243e3b85110e748c85fea5dda8ea7b50956723cce2641afd684774f2} more visitors, 97{2e7a77de243e3b85110e748c85fea5dda8ea7b50956723cce2641afd684774f2} more inbound links and 434{2e7a77de243e3b85110e748c85fea5dda8ea7b50956723cce2641afd684774f2} more indexed pages than those without.

We all know that having more visitors is good as it means more leads and more sales, but did you know that having many inbound links means higher search engine ranking (most search engines see inbound links as votes for you as an authority on the subject)? An increased number of inbound links also means that more people are likely to find your site by clicking those links.

Why do you want more indexed pages? Well, it’s more exposure on the search engines, and we all want that!!

So, does your business really need a blog? Yes! It’s not as difficult as it sounds. You can do it yourself if you’re up for an adventure. Or, call Scalable Social Media today. We can get you started right away.

Once you have a blog, start creating valuable content that engages your audience. If you aren’t sure what your customers are interested in, ask them! Send an Email announcing your new blog and ask what they would like to see discussed.
opriate, of course, but don’t be afraid to have an opinion and express it.

Don’t use your blog for a hard-sell. Instead, think about what your customers need and how you can help them. For example, if you have a Senior Care business, think about the unique needs of your care giver clients. Maybe they are concerned about how to talk to their elderly relatives about whether or not they should continue to drive. As the authority on senior care, provide suggestions on how to talk about it and where to get help if needed. If the subject lends itself towards mentioning a product or service you provide (transportation for the elderly, for example), go ahead and mention it, but avoid the hard-sell! Be helpful instead.