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Developing a Strategy for your social media plan

Developing a Strategy for your social media plan

Having a strategy for your social media efforts may be one of the most important factors in your overall plan. Objectives help determine what you want to accomplish, but how you will achieve success resides in the overall strategy.

Once you’ve conducted a situation analysis, determined your audience, established your objectives, it’s time to plan a strategy.

In creating your social media strategy, you need to ask yourself one crucial question: 

How do you plan on reaching your objectives?

A strategy should be more than just engaging in social media. Sure, that’s the action, but it’s hardly a repeatable and bulletproof strategy. Also, don’t confuse “strategy” with tactics. Twitter, facebook, blogs are all examples of tactics NOT strategies.

Here are a few good strategies:

-> become a credible source in the industry

-> position yourself as an industry leader

-> motivate people to do something

-> advocate for a cause

-> reach a new demographic

-> raise awareness about your brand or products

-> create buzz around a new product

Once you determine your strategy, you can start thinking about which tactics will help you carry it out.

For example: If your strategy is to become an industry leader, you need to establish yourself/your brand as a credible source of information. You do that by providing thoughtful, creative, informative and interesting content.

In this case, a blog or micro-site/hub would be a successful tactic. Here you can establish a credible voice, feature ‘thought leaders’ from the industry in a guest post and respond directly to consumers’ concerns.

Simply put, strategies help ‘position’ your company online. Once the ‘position’ is solidified, your objectives will be more easily achieved. As well, strategies help determine tactics and will ensure your social media plan is on-track.