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Changing Trends in Facebook Marketing

Changing Trends in Facebook Marketing

Changing Trends in Facebook Marketing and Search Criteria

Facebook has become a major way for big and small businesses to advertise their services or products. However, with the recent changes that have come about, social media advertisers have come to see their results and post reach dropping. Why is this? Facebook has changed their algorithm.

Why, How, What?

Facebook, as a business, is also dedicated to providing their users with high quality content. Before this algorithm change, Facebook had released a survey to their users to find out what high quality content was to them.

Based on these results, Facebook then developed the algorithm to provide their users with high quality content that deems relevant to them.

The algorithm follows a certain ranking order. This complex system looks at the following criteria:

How popular (liked, commented on, shared, clicked) are previous posts made by the post creator.
• How popular is this post with people who have already seen it.
• How popular have past posts been with the user?
• Does the post type (link, photo, status update) match previously popular posts with the user?
• How recently was the post published?

Although social media marketers have seen a decline in their organic post reaches, this recent change is not all bad news for marketing. Facebook users are exposed to thousands of stories a day, so in order for Facebook to ensure its users are happy; they post stories to people newsfeeds that interest them. Therefore, the more a user is involved with your business page, the more often they will see your posts. This lessens the siting of your posts being marked or seen of as “spam”.

An organic reach is now unpredictable, but this gives marketers and businesses alike, the opportunity to create content that is engaging and aimed at the audience you’re trying to reach. Likeminded businesses and clientele will be drawn to you if the information you are posting is relevant and interesting to them.

At the end of it all, the change deems no need for panic. Concentrate on bringing value-added content to your pages and it will be broadcasted to people who want to see it.