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7 Common Blunders Why Your Blog Still Sucks

7 Common Blunders Why Your Blog Still Sucks

Here we go again, another wake up call. It seems that we keep on forgetting things. What am I doing wrong? Why is it not working? I did everything step-by-step and havent really accomplished anything significant. Are these familiar rants you hear during the evening while staring at your monitor?

Yes, I hear you. Been there, done that. And I still forget things. Ive seen some of my friends bring their blog to the next level and they are really doing well. Were not the type of friends who always agree with things regarding social media but we do agree with stumbling blocks that prevent us from improving our house.

Our blog web site is our house. Agree? And we, as bloggers, love to see visitors coming in our house. Visitors are important. From visitors, we are able to build relationships and conversations. But there are things that prevent these from happening.

What Are We Doing Wrong?

Were Not In Control It will be hard to really control the physical form of our blog if were not using our own host. Blog hosts are awesome but if you want more control, get yourself a domain and a host. It will make your life as a blogger easier.

Were Not Consistent Ever been in a situation where youre waiting for your favorite TV show and suddenly a message appears saying it will not be aired tonight. Yes, annoying! It goes the same with the way we post. Our readers are looking patterns on how regular we should post. Im not saying that we should have one everyday, just a regular schedule for new posts.

We Write For Google Were humans right? We want human visitors right? Do you have those weird posts where nothing really makes sense? This is a common blunder for those who are amazed with SEOs power. Will Google write comments on your blog and start conversations? Be human and write for humans.

We Love Ads Too Much Wait! I have nothing against people who wants to make money by publishing ads. I understand the need and the revenue helps but you dont have to clutter your house with too much of it. Its freaking annoying seeing all those moving and colorful things. Instead of content, your house becomes an ad board.

Were Not Aiming For Relationships Again, since we love SEO so much, we wanted a down pour of traffic from all parts of the globe. We dont really care if they will be constant readers. We just wanted to see those impression numbers growing. Right?

We Dont Have A Strategy Register a domain, get a host, install wordpress, get a theme, install the plugins and start posting. No, that is not a strategy. Lets ask this to ourselves. How do I see my blog 5 years from now? How can I entertain and grow my readers?

Why Do We Blog Well, if this is a hard question then it is a big problem. Creating a post is not that hard. Well, sometimes it is. But why do we do it? Why are we spending time in making sure our house is presentable? Do we need to have a reason? Or should blogging be unconditional? Just curious.

These are some of the things I ask myself once in awhile. I try to compare my posts from the present month to the previous and see if things are progressive. If not, I ask myself questions. So, care to share questions you ask yourself? What blunders have you encountered in the past? Lets continue this conversation by you leaving a comment.